DOJ Accuses "Yale" University of Discriminating Against Asian, White Applicants!

Harvard is next, because they have also been practicing the same policies for years. Can we please just conclude that “Affirmative Action” needs to go? DOJ, is going after this and hope its all those liberal smellies that get caught in their own nooses.


Something we ALL knew for years and nothing was said or done about it .

Good. Time to make that bullshit Affirmative Action go bye-bye.

One who decided to criticize 'Affirmative Action" gets the can.

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Yes, systemic racism does exists, in Harvard and Yale, against Asians. Where are the protesters?

Not in Commiefornia this November. And no, this is not satire. I’m glad the DOJ is setting precedence to sue the sock out of the UC system next year, when this vote reinstates Affirmative Action by probably +70%