Does This Make Cory Booker a Coyote?

Is his action just his way of trying to remain relevent?

“A Quinnipiac poll published Tuesday of the Democratic presidential candidates showed Booker languishing in a tie for fifth place with 3 percent.”

Seems like it. I’d like to see what would happen to “John Doe” if he tried to pull that stunt.

Now that Booker invested himself in bringing them into the country, he can put them up in his personal home and become their sponsor. Or, does he think he is a hero and everyone else can pony up to take care of them?

Maybe he will get the attention he craves when he is arrested for trafficking humans.


“Spartacus” Booker is a loony bastard. Likely though, he will not be charged with anything because it would be construed by his loony supporters as harassment by the Trump administration of a political opponent…since the loony bastard actually thinks he might be elected President.

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And that is exactly the kind of crap that needs to stop. If he broke the law, he needs to be arrested and pay the price just like any person would.

Things like this are what gives people the idea they can be a “hero”. Cause “if he got away with it so can I” type of thinking.


This is unclear to me. If he broke the law then he should face charges. Why would there be a debate at all?

Exactly. The problem would be getting a conviction.

Politics, it’s a real thing.

If he were arrested there would be riots across the country and the administration would be savaged by the press.