Does The USMCA (neoNAFTA) Simply Solidify The Three Amigos AMERO?

It would seem from reading this that the trade pact was meant more to protect North America from China (and the rest of the world) than it was to level the playing field between the three countries…


The USMCA = loss of sovereignty and freedom! The USMCA is governance by UNELECTED boards and commissions and erasure of jurisdictional boundaries.

This sounds like a North American Union.


Does it still contain the provision that protects against “sex discrimination” in the workplace, explicitly including discrimination on the basis of “gender identity” pushed by Trudeau?

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This of course, should have given Trump pause for thought but he signed it anyway… Trudeau is happy because the imposition of tariffs on autos is off table as soon as the document was inked… Either way Trudeau manages to avoid those tariffs and even if congress gives it a thumbs down, NAFTA is better for Canada anyway. Trump had some leverage on this issue and he gave it away… and his base took note.


Any agreement that protect American jobs and allows fair trade in BOTH directions is what most working Americans are in favor of these days . Huge trade imbalances need to be a thing of the past .