Does the Bible say we can’t eat pig?

I was doing my daily prayer and saw this. Is this true?

Ignore this A-hole! He is seeking attention again!

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It’s a serious question… I’m shocked.

Why are you against free speech and freedom of religion? You represent the evil of this nation a scorn enemy.

Wake up and pray! !!!

I’m not sure why you need to ask that question. You already know the answer.

Maybe because you’re a self serving asshole that is obviously without any moral compass or beliefs in any god.

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How godly of you lol wow. Didn’t realize teaching the Bible I would get attacked

See? A good example of a troll! We covered this topic already at an earlier time and here he is trolling and trying to get attention again!

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I think he is the pig!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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No one covered this … I searched first … unlike you

You don’t teach anything just instigate. The poster child for HATE!

Just a big phony fake d-bag that should be banned from this place. A net zero contributor! The biggest LOSER here!

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I legit asked a question, I’m in Bible study … Jezzz you guys a tough lol