Does Norway have the best military system?

No they haven’t, they are small groups that rotate in and out.

You didn’t’ exactly strain yourself looking did you?\


And IS are still a problem after that decade? Why is that, do you think? Do you agree with me that ‘you can’t defeat an invisible enemy’ viz. IS don’t wear a uniform, and can melt away into the civilian communities whenever they’re under pressure, then re-emerge when the heat’s off? They’re giving us the runaround in other words??

You leave fingerprints, both bio and digital everywhere you go. Even if you do business solely in cash your movements can now be tracked on CCTV/Video.

The Caliphate no longer exists the cells and leadership will eventually be found.

The wildcards are the “inspired by ISIS” lone wolves and they too can be tracked by their digital tracks and fingerprints.

And that’s leaking!! :rofl:

Not exactly surprising, that’s why they do shake down cruises and sea trials.

With a whole new class of ship you’re going to have issues and with anything that big you’re definitely going to have a few bad welds.

They probably have a budding ‘caliphate’ in every country on the planet. They’re not stupid . . . we’re the stupid ones.

Let’s hope they don’t find any more leaks then. To misquote one Oscar Wilde, ‘To have one leak in a brand-new aircraft carrier may be regarded as a misfortune, but to have two (or more?) looks like carelessness to me.’

You don’t seem to understand what a “Caliphate” is.

It is an Islamic State ruled by a Caliph. To have one you need to hold territory and build on it, wealth to operate on etc.

They’ll prbably have quite a few before the shaking down is done.

It would take a hole the size of a truck to cause any serious issues. Virtually all boats and ships have some leaks.

However the word ‘caliphate’ is dressed up, they’re just power bases, and can be located anywhere - in Scandinavian countries for example? And probably Canada and Australia in the fullness of time. I reckon they’ll be next.

It’s had a well defined meaning since the 6th Century.

The Caliphate has been eliminated.

ISIS still exists as a loose organization like AQ but the Caliphate is dead.

Whatever, unless we get our act together we’ll all be converts to Islam, and subject to Sharia law in another 5 years. With respect, I submit that you seriously underestimate the global Islamists, not only their intelligence but their intent too.

I don’t misunderstand anything about them. You on the other hand cannot even accept basic facts and definitions.

If you truly believe they’ll control the west in fiver years you are delusional.

I hope you’re right. But you’re not, you’re naive.

And you’re an enigma - sometimes you come out with some awesome stuff, but then you go and spoil it by posting crap.

What I’m posting is absolute fact, you just don’t like the facts.

Well first of all, when you said you have two aircraft carriers, I thought you were referring to the topic of the op, Norwegian armed services.

As to the Islamic State still being a problem, absolutely they are. In fact for all of western efforts, nearly the whole of the ME is in worse shape today than it was before our 9/11.

But I fail to see what that has to do with your original question of whether or not Norwegian armed forces have ever been deployed to the ME. As I posted for you they have been deployed with some regularity since the end of WW2.

Maybe they have, but in what numbers was my point; most NATO countries contribute a token number of troops in these scenarios. You’re sure right about the ME being worse than before 9/11 though. Maybe if we just left Assad and the Russians to deal with it instead of doing our best t stop them, maybe IS could be put on the back foot at last.

(sorry about the delay in answering - have had a couple of busy mornings and overlooked it)

ISIS has been on their heels, fighting for their very existence and loosing badly for almost two years.

Once Trump turned our military loose and gave them the tools to do the job they were quickly crushed.

The Caliphate no longer exists and they have lost more than 40,000 “fighters” while most of the rest quit and walked away from the battlefield.

Why do you continue to pretend otherwise?