Doctors Who Claim Christian Conscience Over Contraception Need to Be Fired

Doctors cannot and must not treat patients with reference to their own moral code. So doctors who are complaining that they face being sanctioned for refusing to prescribe contraceptive pills to unmarried women need to shut up or get out of the medical profession.

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Most doctors get around this by providing a professional referral to a doctor willing to prescribe contraceptives. But it says a lot about hateful leftists like @RobertJordan here that they want these doctors fired just for having a conscience. So let’s set the record straight. The Left is intolerant and the Left is bigoted. They are the ones full of hate, though they labor long to convince the public that it’s conservatives that harbor all these defects in character. If a conservative is a vegetarian, they’ll leave you alone to eat meat. If a leftist is a vegetarian, they want to make sure that nobody eats meat. If a conservative doesn’t want to own a gun, he won’t buy one. A leftist will call congress to pass legislation to ensure nobody can own a gun. Conservative atheists have no problem with those who believe in God. Leftist atheists want to tear down any symbol in public that reminds them of religion. And here we have doctors who simply don’t want to be the ones to dispense contraceptives. Even conservatives that have no qualms with contraceptives respect the rights of doctors to follow their conscience, but hateful bigoted left-wing zealots want them fired for daring to oppose the radical left paradigm.


I don’t think they are allowed to use their ‘own moral code’. They take an oath and if there is a conflict between their ‘moral code’ and medical treatment then they must explain it to the patient and refer him/her to another doctor. Patients are free to ask for a consultation with someone else if they wish.

I didn’t realize the constitution requires you to give up your rights to practice medicine.

Can you cite that section for us?

All my doctor clients are self employed. Do you mean doctors employed by hospitals???