Do you still want to trust science, egghead?

Just because someone calls himself/herself a scientist doesn’t mean he/she are automatically an authority on anything.
Scientists are incredibly lazy. They prefer to just name things they discover, rather than figure them out.

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Centuries ago actual Scientists insisted that the earth was FLAT and this is another example of WHY nobody should “trust the science” but instead should QUESTION the science.

In the early 20th Century Scientists literally said that it was SAFE to shoot up Heroin and give BABIES Cocaine to help them to go to sleep, this continued up until at least the mid-1950s and this is another example of WHY nobody should “trust the science” but instead should QUESTION the science.

Yeah well god inspired Job with a flat earth theory, an earth with corners. But the Ancient Greek scientists proved the earth is round….

Actually it was Christopher Columbus and every FDA drug that was removed and disqualified was once approved by the FDA

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As always a liar.

The flat-earth theory begins in the sixth century when a Greek monk of Alexandria, Cosmas, who had traveled widely in the East, retired to a cloister in Sinai and wrote his Christian Topography . In it he refuted the ‘false and heathen’ notion that the earth is a sphere, and showed that it is really a rectangular plane arched over by the firmament which separates us from heaven. The inhabited earth, with Jerusalem at its hub, is at the centre of the plane, and it is surrounded by oceans beyond which lies Adam’s paradise. The sun revolves round a north polar mountain, circling its peak in summer and its base in winter.

Science brought you most everything you have. Not sure when Americans became so anti science….:roll_eyes:

Scientists paid for by the DNC are why we are all skeptical…

Past two years ice caps are melting!!!


Go away commies

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What god said the earth was flat? Was it Allah? Jehovah? God? Jesus Christ? Buddah?
By the way, LIBERAL WOKE IDIOTS like you today are STILL pushing the flat earth theory.


There are some young Woke idiots today still pushing the flat earth fairy tale.

Actually, that’s a LIE.

Free Market Capitalism is what bought pretty much EVERYTHING we have. Capitalism provided salaries for hacks to run around and name things.
INVENTORS are a breed apart from scientists. INVENTORS gave us the toilet, the telephone, the computer, the internal combustion engine automobile. Scientists (a lot of whom were idiot socialists) tried to find ways to make those things cost more. Christopher Columbus was probably a better scientist than the hacks in his time.

If you want to know when Americans became so anti-science, I’d say it started with the first enviro-fascist movement. The earth is cooling; the earth is warming; the ozone is failing; the climate is changing; cloth masks actually work; the covid SHOT is a vaccine that will prevent one from getting the disease.

And the anti-science movement ironically comes from alleged “scientists” who sit on their fat asses, run biased flawed computer models and get six figure salaries from Democrats who pay them for the politically correct conclusion.

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Exactly. These lab coats are hacks. They are about as scientific as the Harry Potter series.


In fact, (and so many people just don’t get this) heroin was originally marketed as a cure for morphine addiction. In the 19th Century, cocaine was legal. Ulysses S. Grant was a major coke snorter.

I agree. And it’s about as cheap.


First published in 1968, DSM-II (the second edition of the American classiifcation of mental disorders) listed homosexuality as a mental disorder. In this, the DSM followed in a long tradition in medicine and psychiatry, which in the 19th century appropriated homosexuality from the Church and, in an élan of enlightenment, promoted it from sin to mental disorder.

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Yes especially after the First World War, but even during the First World War they used to advertise Heroin kits, the famous London store Harrods even had their own Heroin kits for sale which included vials and needles.

Heroin was recommended also for coughs:

Queen Victoria was also a Cokehead, all types of Cocaine products were marketed especially for children and babies, like the below example:

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Little did those parents know they were a part of a growing drug heritage that gangsta rappers would be a part of.


Grant turned to cocaine after he developed throat cancer.

Grant turned to cocaine after he developed throat cancer in 1885.
Cocaine was given to him to counteract the effects of morphine, which tends to make people sleepy. This combination of morphine and cocaine is sometimes given to cancer patient’s today in a concoction called Brompton’s Cocktail. The morphine is to kill the pain and the cocaine is to keep the patient awake