Do You Like Cities?

I really don’t. I live in one and while I moved away from the bigger and inner parts I’m still in enough where I’m worried.

For example last night I heard a gun shot at 1AM really close to the apartment and saw a speeding vehicle zooming away. I looked around on the balcony at the street below for any sort of victim but didn’t see anything. If I had I’d be a good EMT and rush down there to start initial triage and CPR as needed. Guess it was drunks shooting into the sky from their car.

Late last night I heard about 7 shots. Small arms fire. Quick pops in succession like someone just firing off in a movie. pop, pop, pop, pop, pop! Kinda worried about that one.

I live in a really nice apartment complex. Down the street is low-income housing, however. I won’t lie to you and I’m not a racist for it but all that area is black. It’s all black kids. I am trying REALLY hard not to make the connection but I just can’t help it.

Around this tie last summer a girl was raped a block away from my apartment and a block away from the low-income housing (so in the middle).

I came from rural PA. We have cornfields, two-lane back roads, no cops, and Amish for Gods sake. We left our doors unlocked and our keys in the car overnight. No one ever bothered us. The crime rate was like 1% a year. Not even.

I’d hate to go backward but I hate the city. I hate the suburbs. I long for rural lands. Soon as I can buy a house I’m moving out to the sticks away from all this nonsense.

In the interim, I hope a gang war isn’t starting around the apartment.

Do you like cities??


When it is done right, a big city can be a wonderful place.

But big cities are turned to hell on earth by the presence of ghettos filled with a feral underclass that are allowed (and even encouraged) to grow like a cancer, and if a leftist city councils squeezes all the vital economic life out of it, the result is a dangerous and demanding underclass with a huge homeless, drunk and drug-addicted population looking for victims.

When I was an undergraduate at U. of T. in Toronto in the early 80s (yeah - I’m old), that city was close to being perfect. Its problem areas were small and contained, and one had no good reason to go there anyway, and you could wander downtown at any time of the day or night without undue risk. It was a fun, safe BIG city.

That, alas, is no longer the case. It’s grown far too fast and the social problems have spun out of control. A year or so ago rival drug gangs had a shootout in the main downtown mall, The Eaton Centre. Unheard of when I was there!

A large city is a vast, complex organism that is very easy to lose control of.

Cities are cesspools of urban blight, liberals, multicultural aggression, and the warring factions of the dindunuffin tribes. I stay far away.

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I do not. Cities make me feel uncomfortable, I always have to watch my back for a mugger, drug addict, beggar, or other threat…when I’m innawoods I don’t have to worry about that type of thing.

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Some cities are alright. I liked visiting NYC. Although it’s big, busy, and the people are far too stupid. I’m sorry but anyone who thinks a bicycle has the right of way on a busy street deserves to be run over. Smaller cities are alright. I’m moving, again, soon back to a more populated area and it’ll be a bit busier but I expect to stay out of a lot of the super populated areas of it.

I hate cities but I’m forced to live and work in one. Need to be where the money is. My hope is to eventually leave once I am established well professionally so I can work remotely.

The only positive thing about living in a city is that it will quickly confirm the very real differences that exist between the races. Of course this only applies if you can only afford to live in poor or “up and coming” neighborhoods. The wealthy leftists use these neighborhoods as a buffer for their micro-ethno states that are heavily patrolled by police.

I can sympathize with Animore. Formerly living in Reading Pa probably not to far from him , I know what he says. Reading was a city of good ethnic neighborhoods and as Hispanics ( ■■■■■ and Dominicans) moved in, forcing hard working people out homes with their crime and arrogance even forcing blacks to the suburbs.
It has become infested with drugs and drug trafficking by guess which ethnic group. Now the city is facing the prospect of an Hispanic Mayor who wants Reading to be a Sanctuary City.
There are fights and sometimes shootings over parking spaces. This says alot about ethnic diversity.

I have enjoyed visiting quite a few cities over the years. But I can’t say that I actually like them except in that they make me feel so good when I get away from them and back home.


There’s black scum and white scum, so all we can do it try to live with it. I just put it down to the decline of the West. Or the decline of humankind, I’m not sure which.