Do You Believe Social Justice Is Good? My Thoughts from a Christian Perspective

In the video, I discuss my problems with Social Justice and leftism in general that make it a poisonous philosophy from a Christian perspective. Do you agree with my thoughts, and do you think Social Justice is a good or a bad thing?

Christianity can be an intolerant and bigoted religion (like most, not all, other religions) and so naturally would be largely opposed to social liberalism.

Define bigoted and why you think Christianity falls into that category. Also, I think you may be mistaking liberalism with leftism. I attack the principles of leftism that are antithetical to both liberalism and conservatism.

The bigoted nature of Christianity (generally) is in its dogma. Leftism is merely the politics of the liberal left.

SJW are made by the media: TV, movies, print.

When you get into an argument with them it’s obvious, cause all they can do is parrot what they’ve seen on the; TV, movies, print.

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That’s right. The same lines and buzzwords over and over, the same brain-dead mantras. Putting the cult in “multicultural”.

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I would advise you to research the Tavistock Institute.

For the most part SJW are completely brainwashed and you can not break their programming. It’s a complete waste of time. I’ve tried.

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SJW is where the religious fervor of post-Christian America was channeled. “Equality” is a religion and must be taken on faith, non-believers and doubters are rebuked. Not to mention the notion of “Original Sin”, which only whites bear.

Not much has changed except the whites represent sinners and the minorities represent Jesus. We have to pray to them for forgiveness. There is no way to grace for a white person except by appeasing minorities.

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SJW that identify SJ is a sub Paradigm born out of post modernism. It’s impetus is mostly derived and based on moral relativism where all truth is subjective therefore can be defined according to how they feel. From a Christian perspective to question whether “it’s” good is rather ambiguous and left as an open interpretation without resolution as an subjective definition because SJ is philosophical and ideological in its perspective it’s always subject to change. IE: Progressivism “always moving the goal posts to suit their arguments or causes. Therefore the question itself is too broad to be able to appropriately answer and would have to be broken down based on specific issues. One thing is clear though, SJ is highly divisive due to the issues it champions therefore has had a negative impact in the aggregate on western society as a whole that has sowed much discord within its cultures in present day discourse.

Social justice is total bullshit!

Hence the words “Dogma” Bigoted” Trump” “Republicans” “Racist” “Nazi” Dictator” “. Brown people” immigrants” Green” Gun Rights, Electoral college” LBGTQXSATYZ,” Nationalism “ White Supremacy “Open Borders, Socialism “ and many more!

Just a quick glance on this forum from the usual suspects where they use such buzz words and present such arguments without merit or are willing to defend their ideology without being purposely obtuse tells you that is all they do is repeat the mockingbird media talking points for their narratives and the positions they take is purely a triggered response based on emotions as they are brainwashed to believe their adversaries are Christians, white Republicans and conservatives. For this reason alone they have submitted to the mantra of mass consumption, that morphed into the Mass dominant culture and the ones they oppose is the counter culture. In the larger perspective, they think by such opposition is good when in fact the methods they are employing by strong arming, drowning out, viciously attacking and justifying hatred against those they disagree with is a losing cause. None of this was possible without the conditioning process of mass media consumption that took place since its inception.

Getting back and more to your point I actively do movie and TV show reviews and recently some of these buzz words are creeping into dialogues of characters in order to normalise their meaning within the mainstream. Their ideas ( progressive leftists SJW’s) are not their own which is why we have reached a point in society that we are in a constant state of conflict and offering very little substance in the narratives and counter arguments they put forth Nor any real viable practical solutions to fix the problems they created. Their message is never about harmonious, inclusion and compromise but rather divisive, hatred, bigoted, narrow scope to which media has convinced them of being!

The LEFTIST COMMUNIST have OBVIOUSLY done one heck of a job both rewriting history and BRAINWASHING sheep to buy into it. An old adage says that fools that don’t know there HISTORY are DOOMED to REPEAT it. Buckle up KOOL- DRINKERS your lessons will be hard long and painful? Deservingly so!

I’m afraid you may be right. Hopefully we get enough people who are informed on the history of the left, but it seems unlikely at this point to say the least.

Thank you for your reply, but I’m still not sure what you mean by bigoted and which dogmas fall into that category.

Church dogma, do we need to go doctrine by doctrine. You know the definition of bigotry.

Just making sure we are using the same definition. Either way, you don’t have to go into every doctrine that you find to be bigoted, but just a few of the outstanding examples.

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The modern form of social justice is simply repackaged concepts from the 1960s. Those of us alive then were naive and young no different than the kids who eat this stuff up today. I think the difference is there are many in my generation who never left the 60s and are using many of the failed and divisive concepts in new ways to advance their agenda.

In terms of the connection to Christianity, I don’t think there is one. Communists don’t believe in God.

Start with the fundamental doctrine on homosexuality.

You cannot really change the mind of a leftist.

What has to happen is them living in the real world. Taking some hard knocks like we all have and having to account for them without a government safety net.

Did you sell yourself into debt for a worthless degree in gender studies and now can only find a job at Dunkin Donuts working for minimum wage?

I just hired someone to do marketing and sales. She knows nothing about my industry. She presented that because she has a degree, she is worth more than I am willing to pay.

I told her she is only worth ROI to me and currently she has none. She has to EARN her way to better pay.

What the left wants to do, is to reward this type of concept.

It won’t work. It never has.

In the meantime, people buy into this and then, they grow up.

Rinse and repeat. :wink:

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