Do We Have Freedom of Speech in the USA?

Or just the appearance of it? We’re certainly a hell of a lot better off than North Korea … but we’re a long way from being a really free society.

Fred Reed lays it out:

If you’ve never heard of Fred Reed, you’re in for a treat.

We all know demoRATS have imposed censorship at ALL levels . They refer to this as being WOKE !!!

No, we don’t anymore. The wokesters have a stranglehold on the cyber media, which it seems people increasingly live in. Speaking out in the public square is just kind of old-fashioned, and the woke mob will make sure you get physical consequences if you get any traction.

We’ve gone into a fantasy world of propaganda. When I read 1984 many many years ago, I was confident that it couldn’t happen here. I was wrong.


Well, the very fact that we’re posting here is proof that they don’t have total control yet … far from it.

We must not fall for enemy propaganda. Every army tries to look more formidable, more frightening, than it actually his. One of Hitler’s acts of genius was to make the Werhmacht and Luftwaffe appear super-modern and effectively invincible. It was not true, but a lot of people believed it, and the more who did, the more it became, in effect, true.

There are conservatives posting on Twitter with 1.5 million followers. We have our own social media sites – more than we need, in fact. We have a presence, via Turning Point and Young America’s Foundation, on hundreds of compuses. We’re winning elections all across the country – especially school board elections, since many ordinary people who don’t call themselves ‘conservatives’, don’t want their children turned into sexualized freaks.

Our problem is that too many of us just sit at home and let off steam online, but don’t actually DO anything to stop the destruction of our country, beyond voting every two years.

There is a LOT that can be done, but not enough people doing it.

Biden’s speech the other day was a declaration that resistance is futile. It didn’t come from him, he can’t put two coherent sentences together. It came from the Democrat party, and they have reason to be very confident it’s true.

When Bush took over the GOP, his agenda was “compassionate” conservatism. It was a euphemism for “negotiate terms of surrender” conservatism. Obama completed the Democrat takeover of the federal government, and running Hillary in 2016 was the first declaration of that sort. They miscalculated, but not by much. Trump was a repudiation of the broken GOP, as well as of the Democrats who thought that, by then, they had such a stranglehold on the government that they could just install a human cactus as president. But Trump had no idea of the nest of vipers he would find when he tried to run things, including in the GOP. Biden winning was a strong confirmation that the Democrats can now run mindless dogmeat and win. Hillary probably still can’t accept that she had to be the sacrifice to reach that goal.

Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are just the more prominent figures of that nest of vipers in the GOP. They’re satisfied to be a part of the “government-authorized” GOP. They regard someone who wants to break the unholy alliance up as the true threat to their existence. There will continue to be resistance in some of the states that haven’t been brought to heel, but only for awhile. I’m in California, where resistance has been futile for 20 years.

Good luck in your quest. “Winning” doesn’t mean much anymore - having McConnell and McCarthy leading the opposition will only give the illusion of having won something. It’s like ditching a contemptible governor in California 20 years ago - and getting useless Arnold Schwartzenegger instead. Even if he wanted to try to change things - he didn’t - it was too late for California. It was just an amusing recall that ultimately went nowhere.

The election in 2024 will show how true this is. I expect the GOP to nominate Desantis, who is a good guy who seems to have learned a few lessons from Trump’s successes and failures. The Democrats think that they can run anyone now and win, and probably Kamala Harris will test that. If she wins, it will be validation.

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We’ve got to fight the battles we face at the moment. This means working like hell to defeat the Democrats in November.

But … we also have to prepare for the future, in case the situation goes out of control and electoral politics becomes moot.

This means we have to organize locally, into ‘Community Protection Teams’, along the lines the good people here are advocating:

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