Do masks work? Data appreciated

Well, some food for thought:

Harris County TX, where I live, instituted the first mask mandate took effect April 27th. Since then, there have been multiple mask mandate extensions and modifications. The first one said they would fine the individuals, now they’ll fine the businesses. April saw cases pretty constant and they started to raise in the 2nd week of May. They continued to climb until the peak on the 1st of July and they have been on the decline since.

Seems like that’s been pretty consistent in every state and each county. Looking at charts across the nation, it doesn’t seem like there’s a huge deviation in states with mask mandates. Anyone else see something different?

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Fair enough, how do I delete a thread? :slight_smile:

I think you have to ask the moderators. I just wanted to answer your question, but I posted stuff already on this topic and I hope it helps.

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All in all, you believe what you want.

Like the TSA, the facade of security.

Pretty much, I was just interested in looking at the infection rates state to state and trying to see a difference between mask and no mask states. I personally believe they’re useless and seems study after study is lining up that way.

I live in Wyoming

We have had over 4K infections with 3600 recovered and no mandatory masks

That’s not a fair comparison, you all INVENTED social distancing. :smiley: (I grew up in Nebraska, right next to Wyoming)

If someone wears a mask while hiking or kayaking alone out in the wild, he or she may be called an idiot.

If you are in a closed space where there is little or no ventilation with a lot of people (whose health conditions you don’t know), you’re likely to pick up something.

This likelihood increases if you are in close proximity with certain individuals for an extended period of time, such as dancing together in a disco.

Masks really don’t help, unless this dancing partner is constantly coughing, sneezing or yelling at you (which is likely because you can’t hear anything due to loud music).

Not a fair comparison?

It points out the problem, one size/policy does not fit all.

Cities need the quarantine, we do not. Cities need mandatory face masks, we do not.

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