Do "Clothes make the pirate"?

For myself, I tend toward causal at home, and polo shirt/khakis going anywhere. I also avoid looking wealthy when going anywhere where such might cause jealousy/violence.

I think this boils down to primitive brain stuff- the appearance of symmetry is more attractive and within reason, viewed as strength and intelligence - why wouldn’t clothing? We have established social norms regarding clothing , and these differ from culture to culture. Slovenly dress indicates slovenly habits- fairly or not.

What confers respect/admiration in one culture might provoke quiet ridicule in another. A suit and tie seems to be a universal symbol in the West, and now much of the East.

Millennial tight jeans and funny shoes likely conveys respect only in millies, and only if other factors are already there (e.g. tech billionaire).

The article also mentions blind grading- something I did for 15 years as a teacher- with great success (actual fairness begets actual respect).

Random aside: somewhere around here i’ve an OMNI magazine with an end piece blaming he coarsening of society on the rise of leisure suits…

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I always need a shave, wear old jeans, beat up All Stars, drink beer, and fart a lot; and yet I’m a member of MENSA. God will have His jokes. Oh yeah, I occasionally pee in the shower. Many years ago the Lord hit me with a bolt of enlightenment: “Thou shalt be comfortable in thy own skin”. I long realized, what I have or how I look, is not who I am. Didn’t matter if had excess money in my life, or if counted change to survive; since either way, I’m still me.


I do reasonably well financially. I have to wear suits to a very formal office environment 5 days a week and always look sharp - such is the world of consultancy.

When I am off work, at home, or going out - it’s jeans, sneakers, and a casual button down…or a t-shirt and a hoodie.

I was in Manhattan on business last week and met up with some colleagues who also decided to stay over the weekend. We met at a very nice / expensive steak house. They all wore blazers. I wore a hoodie, jeans, and Redwing work boots (probably quadruple the price of their Florsheim Oxfords). It was immensely gratifying.

Hand Tailored suits. Ferragamo shoes, Burberry Overcoat, Brioni Ties, Piaget watch, and a Monte Blanc Brief case accompanied with pen and pad. On the weekends, and non working days its mostly Ralph Lauren, jeans, Danner’s, Carharts, and trek wear to the mountains!

Work: Helly Hansen fishing gear
Out: Jeans, Boots, Flannels, Carhartt
Home: Sweats/Hoodies/Sandals

Yep, Sam Walton was unpretentious, wore modest clothing, talked plain and drove an older pickup…:+1: