Disturbing murder of Army Vet in jail… No Throat, No Heart, No Brain…

This is pretty bizarre by most standards, but what gets me is the missing throat part, which also leads me to believe foul play was at hand, and he was choked to death. The Missing Brain and heart is probably normal procedure during autopsy but the missing throat is suspect and would have probably been the smoking gun had it not been done by someone who was part of the cover-up. The medical examiner who initially did the toxicology report came out and stated this:

"The York County Coroner initially said Palmer “became agitated and began hitting his head against his cell door” before determining the cause of death to be from “complications following an excited state, associated with methamphetamine toxicity, during physical restraint.”

A lot of things do not add up in this case and I would start with the medical examiner as his findings seems on the take to falsify a report!

Wow! That is sick having someone’s throat removed. Alot of inhumane people in prison.

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This is total speculation, but I wonder if he got into it with one of the guards and things just went downhill. In a work environment where everyone knows one another and covers for one another I could see this getting swept under the rug or being blamed on an inmate.

Yes it is total speculation but the cover-up is worse than the initial wrong doing which makes this story rather disturbing. I hope the family finds justice in this case, because if you think about it the guy volunteers to go turn himself in and suddenly he is dead with some pretty suspicious results! The throat being removed is the incriminating aspect of this story that is going to make it hard for whoever is responsible to cover this up or explain why it was removed! If it was an inmate then why remove the throat and why not bring charges against the inmate? Probably because there was no inmate to blame in which they could get away with it! Also what about the security footage? Most jails have them, so why is that not brought up as another question? So My Guess is that they may get away with the criminal wrong doing for lack of evidence but the family will probably prevail in a civil court where burden of proof is less restricted along the lines beyond a reasonable doubt!