Disneyland FIGHT 2019 | Wakanda Edition

TOON TOWN CHIMP OUT: Wakadans Bring Cultural Enrichment to Popular Family-oriented Vacation Destination!

These people are literal animals. There is so much wrong with this video. Why is he kicking the shit out of his OWN MOTHER and GF? Why are all the cucked men just standing around? Why did no noble man of great character step up and put 10 rounds into this untamed wild beast?

This is the dystopian nightmare society they want. Thank the Lord no whites were harmed in this ordeal.

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Fuck you, let em fight. I get it, shoot em. Yeah. The visceral sentiment is shared, but I am not gonna risk all that I have over any one of those porch monkeys.

Frankly, I blame Disney. Shouldn’t let those fuckers anywhere near white families.

By far the best video I’ve seen in 2019.

Just blacks being black. They have NO shame and it’s justified by their low IQ’s.

My negro fatigue is hitting a high point.


And to think people wait in line for an hour to go on the much less authentic jungle cruise.


Who else was hoping the man in the suit was pulling out a pistol?

By the way, that was hilarious. These clowns gave an all-star performance. They had errthing, fat crippled momma, fat suster, child up in the fray as a shield, fat momma on the pavement. Too bad the nice white children had to see all that. Hope it redpills them.

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It looks like there were two fights in one. If you look/listen closely, you see pink shirt nig is with the negress in the beige shirt. During the fight with the 400lbs sowboon in the jean shorts, the beige shirt negress inadvertently hits the scooter sow, who falls over onto the pavement.

After the sowboon and the buck in the white shirt leave, the scooter sow comes back limping, and says something to the pink shirt nig. You can then hear him ook “you hit muh mom?” before he starts beating on the beige shirt negress.

Hundreds of children will be propagandized in school - but to no avail as they have seen with their own eyes… I would imagine it ‘woke’ them up to certain things…
You could see the parents (the responsible ones) getting their children out of harm’s way. There s no point in trying to calm the situation down when irrational creatures resort to primitive behaviors.

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Not to mention that stepping into a third party encounter is a great way to end up dead or in jail particularly if it’s between family members.

If he had he’d likely be facing serious felony charges for aggravated assault. There was nothing there that would allow for a lawful use of deadly force.