Disney Employees and Former Judge Among 108 Arrested in Sex Trafficking Sting

108 people, including alleged child sexual predators and those seeking prostitutes, in a six-day undercover human trafficking operation in Florida have been arrested. Among those taken into custody were four Disney employees and a retired judge, police said. Hmm, so just as media was ramping up on rhetoric with their made up name “don’t say gay” bill to which is designed as a smear campaign advocating against a piece of passed legislation in the State of Florida that prohibits teaching sexually explicit material to children between a certain age has now gone silent after this news broke. Not only because the CEO of Disney has spoken out advocating being against the bill, but because it validates Gov DeSantis’s recent position on the bill itself, and exposes a wider more pervasive problem when is comes to child sex trafficking.

This was a sting operation. During their operation, which they called “Operation March Sadness 2,” detectives found prostitutes who had posted online advertisements through various websites and social media platforms to identify people who were seeking them out. They also identified adults who they thought were inappropriately communicating with children.


Disney World and the Super Bowl are two major venues where they “harvest” or kidnap American children.


This is just getting started! More to come with cases and sting operations like these. We have fallen into a dark abyss of degradation to which a huge network is about to be exposed!


Sad sick fucks liberal demoRATS .


What is it about Disney’s HR dept hiring people that have been arrested for child porn and being pedophiles. These men aren’t always in Mickey Mouse costumes, these are IT and software professionals.
I’ve watched Sheriff Grady Judd plenty of time on YouTube and I’m amazed at how he keeps his composure at these press conferences.
Too bad we can’t just put a bullet in these people’s head. 38 cal bullets are cheap.

This is all very interesting! I wonder if any of this is in some nefarious way all connected? Bigger picture illuminati way.


Like father, Like son.