Did Jesus worship Yahweh?

Many Christians are still confused about it.
Jesus not only rejected Yahweh, God of Israel, but mocked Yahweh.

Jesus repudiates Yahweh, a cruel and vengeful entity.

The notion of “Judeo-Christian” is wrong because it mixes together the diametrically opposed.

Jesus worshiped GOD. You can keep with your Yaweh is Satan schtick if you please. You seem to just want to revel in muddying the water as far as Jesus/God is concerned. I understand you don’t believe in God/Jesus/Christianity/…Jews are Satanic, etc… That’s fine with me. On the flip side… I believe Jesus is the Savior… and the Son of God. I’m not a perfect Christian… by a long shot. But… I don’t try to convince other people that any other race of people are Satanic because they don’t have my personal beliefs.

I have researched your postings about Jews. You do have some merit in what you post. I would also say the same goes for any other race on this little ball of filth we all inhabit. The Jews aren’t the only “evil” people in this world.

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I have a polytheistic background, just like ancient Greeks, Romans, Celts and ancient Joos. People from such a background are keenly aware WHICH deity they worship.

The monotheists, the Christians and Joos today, are completely confused and worship “God” without knowing who that “God” is, because they do not THINK before worshipping.

Ancient Israelites and Judeans worshiped a male deity (not necessarily Yahweh) and a female deity but their religion was reshaped by a Judean king who changed the Biblical text to fit his narrative. (Remember Jeremiah lamenting “the lying pen of the scribes” who messed with religious texts?)

Evil people are a dime a dozen all over the world. No surprise there.

However, when an evil people possesses all the money they can print and controls the US Congress and Presidents?

Let me ask you this, since you mentioned some members of your family are Masons. When a high-ranking Mason talks about his “God,” do you think it will be the same loving God Jesus spoke of? (I don’t think so.)

When a Mormon talks about his “Jesus,” does it overlap with your Jesus?

Bottom line: “God” is a very vague and misleading umbrella concept you need to be wary of.

Know who and what your “God” is, before you start worshiping him or her.