Did Israel try to nuke Hawaii?

“There was a missile. Probably fired from a submarine under the control of individuals loyal to the Deep State, possibly Israeli or German. The missile was not fired from North Korea or by North Korean forces. The missile was intercepted. Then the coverup began.”

Mixed opinions on the matter.
Israel has a history of false flags costing lives of thousands of US citizens.
What’s the importance of Honolulu for Israel to achieve its goal?
Do lives in Honolulu matter?

I think the missile was fired off by the Democratic Republic of Congo. I mean, it’s totally possible. There’s no way of knowing that Congo didn’t fire it. Congo arguably has much more to gain since they would become a nuclear superpower instantly and would have initiated a direct attack on a superpower. Riveting stuff.

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At that moment, Congo wasn’t “hot.”
North Korea was.
(Of course I understand your sarcasm. Any country attacking the US successfully would get instant fame.)

If Honolulu gets nuked (by a missile coming from the east), what would the Deep State media say? North Korea did it.

I think it was Nauru. The people of Nauru are tired of living in the shadow of Australia and are desperate for aspot on the world stage. I can’t think of a better way for them to achieve that than nuking Hawaii.

There is a lot of military activity in Hawaii and the video in question doesn’t have a time stamp. It could have been taken yesterday or five years ago. There’s no way to prove that the video showing what appears to be a missile is from the day that there was a false alarm in Hawaii.

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There were other videos early 2018 on youtube, all of which got deleted.
Only one country in the world can get away with nuking Hawaii.

Boy, that was a close call. Hawaii could have capsized.

A lot worse than that.
If Americans get suckered (again) by the Deep State press and demand retaliation on North Korea (which did nothing), there would have been WWIII.

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