Dictator Newsom Cancels Death Penalty in the Nation of California

It’s time to clean house in the California government! Four families have run the state for 80 YEARS! Get rid of ALL OF THEM!

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Cal is utterly hopeless .

As well as Colorado and the democrats ended the death penalty here.

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It’s hysterical that all of you “pro-lifers” just hate when actual human life is actually preserved. Do you all have to work at hypocrisy or does it just come naturally?

Isn’t the death penalty a price to pay for crimes of murder and murder after rape??? The death penalty is about ending the life of vicious killers.

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A fair trial followed by a decent hanging!

Weird response. You freaks are all about saving the life of scum and taking the lives of the innocent.

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Worthless humans deserve no more than innocent unborn children. We “execute” millions of humans every year under the guise of planned parenthood. It’s not “planned parenthood”. It’s MURDER!

Abortion used as birth control should be prohibited. One abortion…give the mother and doctor some slack. Second abortion…sterilize the mother, execute the doctor.

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Death Row is so crowded here in California we need electric bleachers. Do them all on July 4th like a barbeque.


Hey David! I hope you and your family are safe and taking care during these trouble times.

BTW, your post is about what? An Attack or having a meaningful discussion on the topic at hand?

I’d be doing a whole lot better if I weren’t drinking so much bleach, like President Trump said to do. It’s too bad he cancelled those press conferences after giving such good info to the American people. Where would we be without Trump telling us to drink bleach?!?

Regarding my post. I think I said it plainly. I’m wondering why you all cry so much about a woman’s right to choose - and calling the elimination of a clump of cells murder and then chant for the death penalty. If you all believe (incorrectly) that life begins at conception then why are you so giddy about taking the life of an actual person. For clarity, an actual person is someone who has been born, given a name, and has conscious independent thought and is not a clump of cells.

So you always listen to what Trump tells you what to do?

Yeah I think it’s a false equivalency on your part and not much of an intellectual argument. Bren already answered that question for you.

Also the fact that you use the word “you” as a signifier to designate us as adversaries is really interesting. I think you play too many video games!

Interesting that you are triggered by my use of the word “you” in a wholly accurate and appropriate context. I am not the one who believes such nonsense. It’s you kind folk who pray to an imaginary friend, say you value all life, then get all sad when life is preserved. It’s confusing to the casual observer.

No David, I think it is you who is wrong to label everyone here into one group sharing the same beliefs. If you actually bothered to engage in an honest discussion and participated in honest discourse instead of always trying to put people on the defensive you might actually learn something. Just so you know, I am not for the death penalty, but I Guess you didn’t bother asking that question.

You’re an ignoramus, David. I don’t pray to anything. I believe that we should eliminate murderous scumsuckers, both for proportionality and finality. You can google those words if it’s confusing.

I’m all for Free Association, if they want to secede good riddance, if they don’t, we should just kick them out keeping San Diego County.

Let every county in the state choose which nation they want to remain a part of as well.

David, that " clump of cells" is the start of life. It’s a living being.The choice of an abortion is serious and not to be taken lightly. Unfortunately, the father doesn’t have a anything to say about it.It shouldn’t be as easy as deciding what clothes to wear.
How would you feel if a female family member was raped, tortured and murdered??? Would you feel good if the criminal got off easy with a life sentence or a small store was shot and killed during a senseless robbery??? The death penalty isn’t retribution, it’s the result for these senseless acts of violence. Do you think it was wrong for Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy to be executed? ?

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Gavin Newsom is a preening peacock, put into power in CA by his thug mafia family, now led by his aunt who came from the Baltimore mafia, granny Pelosi.