DHS Calls CDC To Investigate Growing Number Of Sick Migrant Invaders



It would never fly in Texas and would be tied up in the courts for decades if we tried it based on First Amendment Grounds.

The case law on both religious and conscientious objectors objections is deep and favors both.


Japan uses the individual vaccines. Did you red the article?

Many parents chose not to vaccinate.


It offers each vaccine individually.

In all fairness to those opposed, the MMR in Japan included certain individuals becoming sick with nonviral meningitis, which is a serious disease.

It appears costs of vaccines (not sure why any Japanese citizens would not be covered under the National Health Insurance program) appears to be a factor in choosing not to vaccinate, as does government allowing choices as far as vaccinations go.

My point is third world migrants are looked at by many as disease vectors when many in the U S and other first world nations like Japan choose to not vaccinate their kids.


When you have eradicated measles, mumps, Rubella, why vaccinate?

The problem those that chose not to vaccinate is exposure brought into the US by illegals and then they also become carriers of the once eradicated diseases.

California health authorities on Friday declared an end to a large measles outbreak that started at Disneyland and triggered a national debate about vaccinations.

Disease detectives for months raced to contain the highly contagious disease, which surfaced at Disney theme parks in December and spread to a half-dozen U.S. states, Mexico and Canada. The outbreak sickened 147 people in the U.S., including 131 in California. There were no deaths.

Officials at the California Department of Public Health said no new infections have been reported for the past 42 days — or two incubation periods — meaning the outbreak is over in the U.S. But it is still active in the Canadian province of Quebec, where 159 people were sickened. Most belong to a tight-knit religious community with a low vaccination rate.

Many who fell ill in the Disneyland episode were not immunized against measles. Some cited personal reasons for refusing shots, and others were too young to get the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine.

While the Disneyland measles outbreak has ended, there are other measles cases circulating around the country. Public health officials don’t know who sparked the Disneyland outbreak but believe it was someone who caught the virus overseas and visited Disneyland while contagious.


Why vaccinate?

Because human beings are not static. They are the only animal with free will, which can include opting out of vaccinations for themselves or their children, and their free will sometimes leads to travels where measles, mumps and rubella have not been eradicated.

Some children are immune suppressed and cannot receive vaccinations, meaning if they are exposed to any of these diseases through infected individuals, it can be deadly for them.

IMO, as these diseases can be deadly for children, it’s wrong to not vaccinate.


Japan can do as they like, in the US if we fall below 85% vaccination rates we’re in deep trouble because herd immunity will be lost.

When that happens we can get enough cases from south of the border to create an epidemic in the US and soon the existing vaccines will not work because of the mutation rates and we’ll then be in serious trouble.


No, we’re not using live virus vaccines anymore for the most part so the immunosuppressed kids are not in danger from vaccinations.

Only the live virus vaccines can actually cause disease.


It is effortless to move around our country. Imagine someone with a serious contagious disease. Imagine dozens of illegals with a serious contagious disease.


It is effortless to move around our country.

It is effortless to move around the world and then turn to the US too spread an infectious disease.

One day this country will finally figure it out after the fact.


Sadly true. We have become far too reactive and far less proactive over the years.

As the “developing world” develops more and more, we’ll have more and more sick people from 2nd and 3rd world countries coming to the US and some of them will bring us diseases we’re not ready for.

This country is completely ill equipped to handle any sort of major outbreak anymore, there simply aren’t the hospital beds to do so much less the numbers of doctors and nurses necessary to deal with one. We have shortages of all three as it is just keeping up with our normal patient loads.


When everyone makes minimum wage, nobody does.


This country is not well equipped to handle much. Our politicians spend more time pandering to their bases and fighting each other than getting anything done.

They’ve been warned for years to harden our electrical grid, yet there isn’t even a blip on the radar about it.


…and I hate to say it, but it’s going to bite us in the ass sooner rather than later.


And it will bite the ones that Democrats say they are protecting… the poor mostly… not the ones going to private schools in Bethesda.


Which reinforces the fact that we’ve become “reactive” rather than “proactive”.

A major solar event or EMP that fries our electrical grid would reduce our population by about 90% inside of a year.

We can’t even produce large transformers in the US anymore and without reliable electricity our food supply, medical infrastructure, and pharmaceutical industries cease to function almost overnight.

Most people today in this country don’t even know how to dress game or pick and prepare their own fruits and vegetables and wouldn’t even understand how to find printed instructions on how to do so in the absence of the internet.

The more advanced we become technologically the weaker and more frail we become as a species.