Devastating Fire on the Bonhomme

I am not sure where t start with this story, but in case you missed it you can bet your bottom dollar that this latest development is of serious concern when the chain of command and all its incompetency led to losing a billion dollar warship. When the military is focused on CRT, Wokeism, and Transgender rights, events like these are bound to happen. The traitors in the White House and their Communist minions are hell bent on not only destroying the country from within, but our military as well, its all part of the plan if you read Podesta’s blue print to which was part of Obozo’s agenda and now we are seeing its continuation with this Admin by way of extension of such policies. What is the end game here I ask? China has to be sitting pretty confident right now knowing that America’s fighting force is a lame duck!

Disgusted. We Army Rangers always joked and made fun of the Navy with a saying, “100 sailors leave shore and 50 couples come back!” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This however is no joking matter.