Despicable! NYS to waive double jeopardy for people pardoned by Trump

I wonder if this is constitutional and can be struck down by SCOTUS? Unfortunately it will take dragging some poor sap through the mud before finding out! I really hate New York politics and their liberals!

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I’m wondering if it applies only to offenses committed while physically in the State of New York.

I think the whole thing is unconstitutional.

Screw New York!

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Well the SCOTUS will certainly have something to say about it.

One has to wonder why would anyone in their right mind ever do business or liv in NY or CA??

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NY has too many rat lawyers. Outside of the city the rest of the state is country and pretty redneck.

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Yes. I would love to visit upstate New York. I have no use for its large cities or its state government.

Deer, turkeys, foxes, bears, all kinds of critters here in upstate NY. But not all of upstate is conservative. Ithaca is a leftist town for sure. Cornell is there.

If they are pardoned after being convicted I don’t see this holding up.

Pretty clear violation of the double jeopardy clause. I can’t see it surviving a challenge.

Wouldn’t it be that way in any college town though?

Not so much. Here in TX and OK you can find quite a few college towns that are pretty conservative overall.

We could use the New York lawmakers nationwide. Seems like they see what is wrong with the laws and DO SOMETHING TO FIX THEM!

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Wow, imagine a whole nation of corrupt prosecutors seeking partisan justice.


… and eagerly exonerating powerful Leftwingers even as they pursue witchhunts against conservatives?

Why do you hate the Constitution?

Because he’s a liberal?

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Yes, let’s violate the constitution nationwide to make political prisoners out of members of the other party.

That’ll end well.

Funny how they want to mirror a nation they decry as the worst thing in human history, ain’t it?

What wailing and gnashing of teeth they will experience when the table turning they support turns on them.

I’ve noticed liberals seem to be for what is good for their cause at the moment; never considering the long term, unintended consequences. I suppose they just believe they can change the law’s when they become inconvenient?

In regard to the subject of the thread, this will never turn on them. The waiving of double jeopardy applies only to pardons issued by President Trump to those directly associated with Trump.