Deranged Homosexual Owen Jones Claims the Media is to Blame for Far Right Violence

Owen Jones is the best thing to happen to the far right.
I notice he hasn’t written about the rise in homophobic behavior from the “moderate” muslims with regards to teaching LGBT issues in schools. Keep defending these people Owen, because it isn’t the far right throwing gays off roofs or sentencing them to death by stoning.


Owen Jones, let me instruct you on the media’s actual role in the violence: People like you suppressing the truth is literally driving people crazy. It is the driving force behind “when discourse is impossible, violence becomes inevitable” you silly little queen.

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Every time Owen Jones opens his mouth he is a gift to anybody right of centre.

No articles on all the Muslim protests against LGBT rights in Birmingham, Owen? Or is the mainstream media’s fault for that too?


More propaganda from the Far Left mouthpiece Owen Jones. Owen supports extremist groups like Antifa and has tried to incite violence on many occasions…He should not be allowed on MSM broadcasts.