Deranged Black Man Breaks Into Hudson Valley Home Using Crossbow

When is Governor Cuomo going to ban assault crossbows? Clearly, criminals will get their hands on these weapons of war and use them to attack innocent people and hurt our children. We need commonsense crossbow reform now.

A Hudson Valley man broke into a local home by shooting a crossbow into the home near where children play.

On Wednesday, 25-year-old Johnnie Lancaster of the Town of Ulster was sentenced in Ulster County Court to 20 years in state prison after his conviction by a trial for burglary and criminal possession of a weapon.

On February 23, 2018, homeowners in Saugerties woke up to find an arrow stuck in their living room wall and a broken window indicating that the arrow was shot into the home. An ax with blood on the handle was also found at the scene, officials say.

Blood evidence was found on the porch and near a broken basement window. All of the blood evidence matched the single DNA profile of Lancaster, officials say. No one was injured nor was any property taken from the home.

On Feb. 28, 2018, neighbors near Old Stage Road called police after discovering a crossbow and arrows along with a backpack in a wooded area. Inside the backpack was a cellphone SIM card linked to Lancaster. Blood was also found on the crossbow matching the same single profile of Lancaster, according to the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office.

The crossbow was designed to kill large game such as bear and deer. To load the crossbow, it required 150 pounds of force to create tension on the cord which holds the arrow in place. The crossbow was fired into the home from the enclosed porch through closed blinds in an area where children in the home played. There was no evidence that Lancaster knew the homeowners.

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This moron watched way too much Walking Dead.

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One of the reasons 00 Buck was invented. To make short & messy work of subhumans. A dozen balls in play at the speed of sound, covering a 2 square foot area.

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Maybe at 40 yards. At the 10-20’ typical of self defense shootings it makes a patter about the size of your fist.

At least he won’t be getting out of prison until he’s 45 years old.

Depends on the choke. I have a slide action 500 & a two pipe coach gun. Both 20" barrels.

No, even with completely open chokes you’re not going to get that kind of a spread at 20-30’. It simply isn’t possible.

He said a “2 square foot area” not a '2 FOOT SQUARE" area.

A 2 sqft area would be a square that is approximately 17" x 17" or a circle with a diameter of approximately 19"

You’re correct regarding the tight pattern at 10-20’

The targets in this article were shot at 15 yards. At 15 feet, the measurement between the holes should be roughly one third of what they are at 15 yards.

The dimensions of the target are not revealed but if they are standard size, the fist size pattern is probably what he would have got at 15 feet.

The article explains that the pattern will vary with the brand of shells more so than with the choke. Testing several brands at the same distance would determine which offered the widest pattern…and that would hold true at any distance.

This is 10 yards. I don’t know what choke was used. 44-5|540x405

Now let’s try some Remington Low recoil, 8 pellet, 00 Buck.

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So, you should be able to imagine how much tighter the patterns would be at half the distance…15 feet.

Inside the home you’re not likely to have a target much further away than that.

I haven’t checked the pattern of my Taurus The Judge (2" barrel) with 410 GA 2.5" 000 buckshot (4 pellets), but I’m guessing it will be much wider…even at 10 feet.

I will also try Hornady with 1-FTX slug and 2 balls.