Deportation is easy for those we shouldn't deport. Illerate people flood across our border and an educated productive person is deported. Only in our democrat world

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. – Students at Valor Christian High School are going viral as they try to prevent their school’s IT expert from being deported.

Anthony Wanjiru grew up in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya and immigrated to the United States in 2011.

He earned a master’s degree and has worked at Valor since 2014 on an H-1B visa.

Then, this week, Wanjiru made an emotional announcement in front of the entire school.

“I’ve been here in America on a visa,” Wanjiru told students and staff. “And a while back, I applied for a renewal on the visa and was denied.”

Earlier this month, Wanjiru received a letter saying he had 30 days to leave the country.

This is a pretty conflicting message to say in the least. Only because of Trump’s recent announcement that he is increasing the need for H-1B visa’s yet they are deporting or not renewing the ones who actually can contribute to our workforce when educated to perform a high level skill? Its confounding and I am not sure why.

This is an appeal to emotion. The fact is we have plenty of IT experts who are American citizens who can do the job. We don’t need people from Kenya or India - despite what the Trump administration says. All those people do is bring down the wages for skilled work. They do more harm than good. Let this nice man move back to his country and do some good for the kids there.


Appeals to the reality of the US allowing an unlimited number of people to enter the US without repercussions as well as deporting the 22-40 million illegals in the country.

Why is it we would deport a productive person yet allow illegals that are on welfare, popping out anchor babies, minimum wage to remain in the US?

Confounding is the understatement. We have open borders allowing illegals and asylum seekers into the US with little chance of deportation. We deport a person who speaks English, assimilated into the community and is productive yet allow millions who refuse to assimilate to remain.

Well you hit on a good points, and for the life of me I am not understanding this policy. Again if we are trying to promote a America first mantra then why the increase for H-1B visas?

The simplest thing I can say is…two wrongs don’t make a right.

As productive is this man may be, that doesn’t give him the right to live here or stay here.

Knowing that resources are finite, I would rather see people who are here illegally and taking advantage of our system be removed first. Then we can get to people like this gentleman.

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And of course we have no idea why his request was denied.

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He has the same rights as all the illegal and asylum seekers.

The fact remains, he’s a productive member of our society and is being deported when illegals and asylum seekers get a free pass.

Right - we don’t know what the government has on this guy. Why are we assuming that he’s just a great and wonderful person - who works around kids. Obviously, some kind of derogatory information was obtained that resulted in the US rescinding the welcome.

Or he’s just being ordered out of the country.

If there were negatives that the government has, the school system would know all about it.

Not sure why this is a surprise when we have the governor of at least one “Sanctuary State” publicly announcing that any State office in charge of rewarding benefits are not only not allowed to share citizenship status with Federal law enforcement agencies, but can no longer deny benefits based solely on citizenship status either. Not just food stamps and social security Ladies and Gentlemen. We’re talking benefits for housing, business licenses, education, and any of the other benefits these people would normally be ineligible for due to their citizenship status.

You see citizenship doesn’t matter anymore. Entering the country illegally isn’t really a crime. Even if it is, who’s going to enforce it?

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Point being there are numerous valid reasons to revoke a Visa, only having his side of the story we have no idea if any of them are present in this instance. There very well may be.

Once you dig into these stories you find that is always true.

I’m not entirely unsympathetic . I have a friend who grew up here. But he was born in Greece in about 1959 and only now is finding out he is not a citizen. He has started and run businesses, owns much property, etc. But… yep … had some IRS issues awhile back and now they are threatening to deport. Crazy. But not arbitrary. I hope my friend gets some special dispensation for being here close to 60 years. Who knows if he will though.

There is more to this story that we are missing.

I like to know why he was denied “renewal”

The interesting thing is it in our school district and there is zero information available for denial. The district was given a copy of the refusal and it has nothing stating the reason for the refusal.

Thy have ben told that of he fights it he will be deported and never allow back in the country by immigration officials.