Dems Give THEMSELVES Major 2020 Advantage

Just another example of the Democrat Party trying to undermine our Constitutional Republic. This will not pass muster in the Senate or with the SCOTUS.

The Democrat Party is truly desperate to change our election laws so that only Democrats run (ruin) the country in the future.

Elizabeth Warren has already said that she hopes to be the last President put in office by the Electoral College.

Liberalism is anti-American despite all the patriotic quotes and emotional appeals for votes that liberals spew daily. They are promoting nothing short of ultimately “progressing” to COMMUNISM !

Liberalism is a mental disorder…and cannot be cured without a frontal lobotomy.


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The house can continue to pass whatever stupid shit they want. The Senate won’t approve this and neither will the president.

What we have to be careful with is when they eventually take over again this is the type of crap that they’ll be pulling, and getting away with it.


They hate voter ID because if it were in place flooding the country with illegals would have been pointless.


It would also be really hard for dead people to vote too.