Democrats WIll Lose Votes If They Don't DISOWN THESE IDIOTS!

Ilhan Omar, the ■■■■■■■■■ and Bernie Sanders, the champion of communism, along with the guidance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the village idiot…collectively known to some as The Three Stooges…will do more damage to the Democrat Party by November 2020 than a hailstorm on a glass greenhouse if the DNC doesn’t muzzle all three.


You say that like it’s a bad thing. Personally, I’m hoping the dumpster fire that is the current makeup of the Democrat party will finally wake some more people up who will say enough is enough.

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I’m pleased with the thought of the Democrats having to eat their own. It turns people off.

“# AOC’s chief of staff ran $1M slush fund”

Lol, they always think they are the brightest bulbs in the room…

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Yeah, if anything, exposing Israel globalist lobby is a good thing.

It’s going to be funny watching democrats suddenly forget about the war on corruption again.

Are you mad because you hate ■■■■ in general or just mad that they are successful?

Omar is testing the limits… looking for strengths and weaknesses. Ferreting is what we call it in the defense business.
Dems have owned the ■■■■■■ vote for a long time. We shall see how her hatred for ■■■■ plays out. The democratic leadership will base its actions solely on a numbers count… number of ■■■■■■ voters vs number of Muslim voters. Right now there are more ■■■■ than Muslims here. But the numbers are changing. American ■■■■ would do well to consider what will happen under a government led by Democrats with many Omars.

As though every country doesn’t lobby our politicians! :joy:

But I think the gun quote is a fake. It sounds like something she would say but I cant find the time or place of such words.

Maybe you meant it as a joke, highlighting her stupidity… sorry.

I am concerned about Bernie’s health. He does not look or sound well at all.



Democrats have become to the Republic what Boll Weevils are to cotton.

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