Democrats refuse to let the troops go home, making them sleep in cold garages

The inauguration is over, they are no longer in the capital, Democrats kicked them out and put them in garages that have no heat. Tomorrow they’re all wake up Stand around the capital, as Democrats spit on them

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Apparently a Democrat saw a guard with out a mask so they punished everyone.
Seriously Democrats are going to have us in gulags soon…

More silly shit from the silliest shit here…Did he ever tell the truth
nope… he’s just like his messiah trumputin and all retrumpliCONs
they lie and lie and lie. some more they can’t be trusted… to tell the truth!!!

This would never happen with Trump still in charge. Day 1 we have started the slide downhill.


The governors should just issue an order for their people to return to their home states.


Mass rep bill keating saw some guards at dunkin donuts with our masks so he kicked them out of the capital in to the cold … He should be tarred and feathered

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President Trump loves and respects the troops, this is one reason he REFUSED to start New Wars to send them off to fight and die to benefit The International Globalists.

President Trump was upset and outraged at hearing at the DISGUSTING treatment that the National Guard troops were being subjected to by the Traitor Democraps and the newly INSTALLED Neo-Marxist Totalitarian Regime of Joey Bidet and Kameltoe and so he has offered the Trump Hotel in DC FREE OF CHARGE to all those National Guard troops, do they STILL want to be on Team Joey Bidet and Team Kameltoe OR will they THINK about giving their allegiance ELSEWHERE?

This type of DISGUSTING situation we should actually hope is encouraged, the more the Democraps treat the troops like TOTAL SHIT then the faster the troops will TURN on them and declare their allegiance elsewhere…REMEMBER History tells us that ALL Totalitarian Regimes CANNOT continue IF they lose the support of the Military…

^^^^ COMMUNIST WITCH HUNT NOW ON looking for that National Guardsmen who OMG DECLARED that he appreciated his FREEDOM! Doesn’t he know that under the newly INSTALLED Neo-Marxist Totalitarian Regime that he should STFU and do as he is TOLD and FORGET about FREEDOM because FREEDOM is something that President Donald Trump and the MAGA Movement SUPPORT and GUARANTEE…the Democraps are Anti-Freedom and Pro-Totalitarian.

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^^^^ Hey Governor DeSantis GET WITH THE PROGRAM ALREADY, you should KNOW that according to the Anti-American TRAITORS aka Democraps that PATRIOT = Right-Wing Extremist and ONLY Anti-American TRAITORS who HATE America and HATE Western Civilisation ITSELF are going to be allowed from now on.


Right wing news are afraid to attack Democrats this is scary times

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Trump is gone yet people still trying to blame him for stuff? Wow!

Texas Gov. Abbot seems to think this is true and made no bones about sending his people home.


The Democraps and the ENTIRE newly Installed Neo-Marxist Totalitarian Regime are going to over reach, we must keep our powder dry and just sit and wait. Give them enough rope to hang themselves with.

In PUBLIC if asked do NOT say you voted for Trump, do NOT say you are a Conservative, a Right-Winger, a Republican OR a Libertarian…play along and SMILE at them and LIE and say you voted for Joey Bidet. Do NOT make YOURSELF a TARGET for them.

They have NO RESPECT for the REGULAR TROOPS OR for LAW ENFORCEMENT. REMEMBER this. IF you see any REGULAR TROOPS or ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT go out of your way to be nice to them, buy them some coffee and donuts or get them some takeaway pizzas and tell them they deserve it.

The REGULAR TROOPS will TURN against this newly Installed Neo-Marxist Totalitarian Regime, not today, not next week but many months down the line, perhaps by the end of 2021 or this time next year BUT it WILL happen, they are NOT going to sit there and be disrespected and treated like shit and roll over.

The REGULAR TROOPS swear an OATH to uphold The US Constitution, the newly Installed Neo-Marxist Totalitarian Regime are going to DEMAND that those REGULAR TROOPS trash and IGNORE The US Constitution, it’s the ONLY way they can do what they need to do to SILENCE EVERYONE who disagrees with them and I believe the REGULAR TROOPS will IGNORE this order and then TURN against Bidet/Kameltoe and the Democraps.

WE EVEN might end up in a “Seven Days In May” type situation because of this. If you have not seen the film, watch it it’s VERY good, it won’t be EXACTLY like the film because it will be about SAVING The US Constitution and the ENTIRE Democratic Republic as opposed to in the film stopping a Nuclear Disarmament Treaty:

IF you see ANY Antifa, do NOT start shit with them.

REMEMBER Antifa were rioting the past TWO NIGHTS in Seattle and Portland and got Tear-Gassed by by Feds in full-on riot gear. They were rioting AGAINST Joey Bidet and the Democraps, THEY FUCKING HATE JOEY BIDET AND THE DEMOCRATS NOW.


The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend.

The Anti-Bidet/Kameltoe/Democrap Coalition is going to be made up of VERY strange bedfellows. We will DISAGREE on 90% of the issues, but what will UNITE us is our SHARED HATRED of Bidet/Kameltoe and the Democraps.

Although it is still unclear exactly what happened, a couple of the troops claimed it was the capitol police that ordered them to leave. Lawmakers on both sides were outraged, and the first lady even went to visit them and brought cookies after she heard what had happened.

Democrat bill keating from Massachusetts saw some at a dunking doughnuts with out a mask and kicked them out of the capital … in to the cold

I do not recognise Joey Bidet as President or Jill Bidet as First Lady. They are illegitimate ditto Kameltoe and her latest John.

They should get used to it, this is how the Leftists were with Trump and Co. Now there is a DIFFERENT and NEW Resistance, 75 million who will NEVER think of the Bidet/Harris Regime as ANYTHING OTHER than illegitimate.

Typical Democrat POS.

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I saw the thing about Keating. I did not see any factual evidence connecting the two events

Come on man! He reported them he wanted them disciplined! Punishment! How dare you not wear a mask! He reported them and were kicked to the cold

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Re. Madison Cawthorne a PATRIOT delivered takeaway pizzas to those National Guard troops:


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This is the continustion of total disrespect for our citizen-solders in the NG. This is the respect they receive from Commiecrats along with the insulting background checks to see if they are Politically Correct in thought. These politicians should remember these NG members are voters and they won’t forget this mistreatment.

The Democraps are going to make LEGAL between 11-30 MILLION Illegals in America and allow MILLIONS more to walk in, ALL will vote Democrap in 2024.

The situation is the days of voting to rid America of this Human Scum that has been Installed are now over, America is NOT going to now be able to vote itself out of this coming Dystopian Nightmare the Commies are planning.

ALL previous Traditional notions of how America operated and was run and how Elections were decided for CENTURIES now have to be ELIMINATED from the mind.

America is entering for America Uncharted Waters BUT History is the Guide by which Patriotic Americans must now adopt and adhere to.

NO Totalitarian Regime in HISTORY was EVER voted out at the ballot box, the reason is now the SAME for America, with the combination of Dominion Voting Machines and POTENTIALLY 50 MILLION Illegal Immigrants and Third World Shit Hole Scum coming across the border…America getting OUT of this Dystopian Nightmare via voting through the ballot box is just NOT an option ANYMORE.