Democrats gather 'round calls for free stuff

Ok… at least this is what crossed my mind as I watched this. The cows gather like Democrats calling for free stuff. Watch 'em as they start out as little specks way out in the field till they are right there in the front row.
Funny :slight_smile:

Who doesn’t like FREE STUFF?
But the Democrats don’t freakin care about the average voters. They rather entice them with stupid crap so much so, people will be dumb enough to vote for them regardless what they are selling. They are the perfect scammers of the political world.

How does free stuff make the hard working Americans life better ? Will free stuff encourage more turd World first grade dropouts to sneak into our Country ? President Trump donates his salary back to the treasury , so why doesn’t these "generous " demoRATS donate their salaries back too ? Who will look out for the working taxpayer in all this free stuff ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

The real answer is that nothing is free. Someone is paying.

Yep Democrats will beat the free stuff mantra until the cows come home! :roll_eyes:

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They don’t care as long as it isn’t them paying. Until the day it comes directly out of their pocket they will remain oblivious. Then, they will scream holy murder that they can’t keep what they earned.

Nothing brings this home more than when Trump was going to place tariffs on Mexico and people were in a panic because they might have to pay more for avocados. The bigger picture seems to be much too complicated for them to comprehend.