Democrats are Now Finally Acknowledging That Voter Fraud Exists!

It’s sad to watch how invested in libberism so many people are.

We’re spiraling down the liberal septic tank as a society.

Voter fraud should be up there with high treason; because the security of the country may hang in the balance. Here’s what must be done. If your caught, you will be beaten to the point you must be fingerprinted to ID your sorry ass. Then a photo of your face, which is now mush, will be posted outside every voting booth. Plus the 45 minute beating should go viral. What, too much? OK, I’ll compromise. A 22 1/2 minute beating & a photo of the bandaged head with whatever eye is still working, looking out. Almost forgot the caption: VOTER FRAUD, IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?

True, but we’re also fighting to take it back from these participation award holders… Example, Trump was voted in as President, he’ll be voted in again and look what is happening in Virginia :wink:

India’s national ID data base that Bill Gates is promoting would solve that.

You know what would help combat voter fraud right away?

Kicking every single illegal out of this country and putting the ones that don’t want to leave in jail. Everyone knows the only reason they are here is so Democrats can bus them to the polling places so they can vote illegally.

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No Joe, cheap illegal labor is a part of our economy that NEITHER party has wanted to evict.