Democratic Party Presidential Primary Debates Round 2

Live at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan
8 to 10 PM Eastern
5 to 7 PM Pacific


Marianne Williamson
Tim Ryan
Amy Klobuchar
Pete Buttigieg
Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren
Beto O’Rourke
John Hickenlooper
John Delaney
Steve Bullock

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Why are cable news still allowed to host and ‘moderate’ presidential debates?

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Tonight is the white debate. One might call it White Night, which was socialist Rev. Jim Jones code for Time to drink the Kool-Aid and kill yourself.


I haven’t watched CNN in so long that I forgot how fucking terrible it is. Holy fuck this is hard to watch

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They are treating this like a football game. Gospel choir too.

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CNN isn’t allowing other stream? WTF? The first round of debates had multiple live streams. CNN is so desperate for ratings it’s sad.



How do you have a Democrat “populist” progressive governor? That makes no sense and Bullock has less of a chance that Wacko Williamson.

(Tell the damn robot that is a complete sentence.)

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She’s a GILF though. Probably would be crazy in the sack too.

I caught part of the DNC Chair’s speech in the build up program. I think maybe he favors Biden.

I didn’t count but it seems like he addressed the crowd as “folks” a whole bunch of times!

Im Mawianne Williamson, and thats why I’m wunning fow pwesident

Everything is so “beat Trump” but they aren’t really saying anything about why they can do it. It’s all so negative. Also… Robert Francis O’Rourke sucks.

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12 years and we are all gonna die!

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Bernie and the false statistics. I wonder who will be fact checking all these speeches.


He’s also part of the 1 percent that he hates so much. At least Yang is giving his supporters cash. Bernie isn’t sharing his.

This shit is frightening. It’s a contest to see who would ball this nation up and throw it into the trash

Bernie is an idiot.

  • Canada
  • a nation with a population 10% the size of the US
  • even Bernie’s own state can’t get single payer to work

Canada has private healthcare as well as public, just like Australia, I think only the Nordic nations have full public only.