Democratic Party Presidential Primary Debates Round 2 (Second Night) the

Live at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan
8 to 10 PM Eastern
5 to 7 PM Pacific



Michael Bennet
Kirsten Gillibrand
Julian Castro
Cory Booker
Joe Biden
Kamala Harris
Andrew Yang
Tulsi Gabbard
Jay Inslee
Bill de Blasio

Unofficial Stream

Back Up Stream

Another Back Up Stream


This just in from Snopes:


CNN is so gay with blocking all the love streams.

Full gospel. Only blacks are allowed to butcher the anthem for Democrats.

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Here is another live stream but you need to watch it on YouTube which is stupid. They won’t let it embed.

Commie Big Bird shouldn’t even be on this debate stage. He’s literally polling at zero percent. Props to him for calling out Biden and Harris though.

Does Michael Bennet have any uppers?

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No-Name Michael Bennet sounds like he’s drugged. He literally paused for applause

Gillibrand: Her getting elected is impossible.

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Gabbard is glowing, so sexy.

I want to have procreative sex with Tulsi Gabbard. I want her to abandon this fruitless pursuit of the Presidency to raise our kids.

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Yang did pretty well compared to the “I have a vagina” speeches and “ORANGE MAN BAD” that everyone else has been spouting.

I disagree. All he said was that Detroit would cost us 421million per month. He didn’t say where he’d get the money.

And here they go…setting one candidate against another.

“Biden says this about you plan. What do you think about that?”

Kamala is struggling and panicking. Her voice sounds all weak and shaky. Biden is going to smash on her.

He landed a pretty good blow. She can’t explain herself beyond platitudes.

Biden is smart for sticking to Obamacare because it puts the Dems in a position to criticize it, which they won’t ever do.

Gillibrand looks like such a slut.