Democrat House Pandering for Votes From Union Goons

Not to worry, though. The unions represent a small portion of our private sector workforce and only a third of government employees.

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Still a reason to worry. The democrats and their allies (communists, labor unions, globalists) have been trying to flip America for a century. Unions are low on membership for now, but if they have their way Union membership will be compulsory and the companies would be the ones paying the dues!

They can fool around with this all they want. No way this passes the Senate and gets approved by Trump.


That truth is included in the article. Just as the gun-grabber candidates will never be able to deliver on their promise to neuter our 2nd Amendment rights, these Demwits will never abolish right to work laws.

In both cases, the Demwits are pandering for votes from useful idiots.

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The challenge for the unions will be:

  • Vote for a President who is bringing manufacturing jobs back, or;
  • Vote for a Democrat who will all but guarantee the destruction of manufacturing jobs and the importation of more dirt cheap labor

The union bosses will go with option 2. The union members will go with option 1.

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