Democrat Congresswoman Triggered By Trump Administration! The Issue of "Public Charge Rule"

This video was made in response to Debbie Wasserman Schultz"s hit and run attack while Ken Cuccinelli was testifying before congress. Essentially during Schultz’s lying barbs aimed at the President and Mr Cuccinelli, got testy as Schultz pretty much gets away with hyperbolic charge as well as down right lying and then walks out.

“Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Cloaked in Legislative Privilege”

Shultze really gets worked up when they don’t play her game.

First how does someone accuse or label someone as being racist or white supremacist and not face legal recourse!

Second how the hell does this woman keep getting elected?

They can say anything from the well of the senate, or the podium in either house without facing any charges.

That is such BS! That needs to change! People can’t just make anything up with impunity! There is such a law called libel defamation. If she is expressing an opinion then she should have stated that, she did neither therefore she should face such a defamation lawsuit for the outrageous lies she tells! This woman should be in jail and don’t understand how she is still in Congress!

I guess facts aren’t required to accuse someone of being a white supremacist.

What’s funny about this exchange is that the public charge law is already on the books. Congress passed it decades ago. If people in Congress dislike the law so much maybe they should write a new one to change it… instead of accusing people they don’t like of being Nazis.

The immunity also applies in committee meetings and hearings. Schiff can lie his ass off on broadcast TV and get his comments entered into the Congressional Record regardless of the accuracy of his statements. His parody of what Trump said to the Ukrainian President is in the record as if it was what the President actually said. Schiff was pretending (on TV) to read from the transcript released by the White House.

Democrat voters are proud to re-elect incumbent sleazy ass Democrat Party members. They keep sending worthless assholes back to their government positions. They pride themselves in doing so.

This is why when a Democrat Mayor is installed in a big city, that city eventually turns to shit.

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They can in either house of congress. Been that way since the founding.

Yep, same “power of the podium” applies in committee meetings.

We’re long past time for passing term limits.

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I didn’t know that either. I am sure the intent was to give lawmakers the freedom to explore concepts and ideas without being held liable - laws and procedures written during a time when civility prevailed.

I think more it was to keep them from being held liable for making a mistake that defamed someone or a company without any intent to do so.

Whatever the original intent it’s been abused to hell and back since the invention of the TV camera and cameras being allowed into the congressional chambers.