Democrat commits murder in North Dakota… Kills Republican teenager

This is what happens when law and order start to break down, where incidents like these become too common so it seems. A national divorce seems imminent if we keep going at this rate. What is proof is the Democratic party along with its members are indeed the party of hate, violence bigotry and racism.

MCHENRY, N.D. — According to court papers, it was not an accident but apparently a politically motivated attack.

The fatal vehicle-pedestrian incident happened early Sunday morning, Sept. 18, in McHenry, North Dakota, about 120 miles northwest of Fargo and 54 miles north of Jamestown.

Sad thing is we will never hear about this kid anywhere in the mainstream media. Yea, Fox did some reporting but that’s about it.

Now - remember when that fat landwhale drug addict Heather Heyer got run over? Wall to wall coverage all day for weeks.