Demented Virginia Democrats Ratify a Fake Constitutional Amendment that Died in 1972

The Blackface Northam gang are as mad as outhouse rats :crazy_face:

NPR reported on January 15, 2020 that Virginia became the “pivotal” 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. However, there is reason to believe that this vote was a sham.The Virginia Senate voted 28-12 and the House of Delegates 59-41 to approve the ERA,” NPR’s Sarah McCammon reported.

The ERA is a socially radical constitutional amendment that would further entrench public administration in America.America has too many laws and regulations as it is. Approving the ERA would only make the American administrative state even larger.

When the 1972 ERA’s deadline passed without ratification by three-fourths of the states, the proposed amendment expired and is no longer pending. The 1972 ERA, therefore, can no longer be ratified—because it no longer exists… another point that social engineers refuse to acknowledge is that 4 states have rescinded their ratification of the ERA.

I don’t understand the point of this in the first place…moot or not. Seems like it’s such a waste of whatever it is. Like what rights are women going to get now that we don’t already have? We are just as free as anyone.

Like most Democrats they are functionally retarded. They didn’t care to even bother reading the what they were passing. No one did any research to determine that passing it would be pointless. They just wanted to get the feelings in the room going when they did it. They are weak and emotional and a drain on our society.

It’s totally meaningless as ERA would have required 50 states to ratify it when it was still within the window of judicial consideration, which it hasn’t been for decades. It was a pointless exercise. The clueless progressives don’t bother to understand any of this though and are still celebrating this non-victory on the mainstream media and sanitized corporate social networks.

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It looks to me like Virginia wants women to have true equality in the workplace. That means if they can’t lift 150 lbs on a loading dock then they need to get fired. If they don’t have enough upper body strength to crank down a torque wrench to the desired specification, they need to get fired. Want to spend time organizing office parties and not meet production numbers…fired. Need to leave early to go pick up your kids and miss a meeting? Fired. Welcome to a man’s world. It’s a bitch.

(Of course none of this will ever happen)