August 26, 2019 Daniel Greenfield
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Rep. Andre Carson is all about tolerance. Tolerance for racists. Or at least his kind of racists.

Rep. Andre Carson, Indiana Democrat, swung back Friday at ■■■■■■ Republicans calling for him and other Congressional Black Caucus members to resign over their association with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

The Republican ■■■■■■ Coalition called last week for seven caucus members to step down for meeting with Mr. Farrakhan, describing him as the “moral equivalent of a leader of the KKK” for his virulent anti-Semitic rhetoric, but Mr. Carson attacked the group’s credibility.

At the same time, Mr. Carson acknowledged that he has met with Mr. Farrakhan, and condemned anti-Semitism without denouncing the Nation of Islam leader.

“I have met with him as other members of the Black Caucus have met with him, talking about anti-crime efforts, discrimination against women, and those kinds of things,” said Mr. Carson. “But I condemn any form of discrimination and I’ve been consistent.”

Except well, Farrakhan.

But Indiana’s moral leader is back to lecture on the evils of racism. Well Republican racism.

U.S. Rep. Andre Carson: Trump spews intolerance from America’s highest office

Does that mean Carson spews illiteracy from America’s lowest office?

One of America’s founding ideals is that this nation is the home of freedom and opportunity for all, including the immigrant, the refugee, the asylee.

Asylee? Really?

Centuries of immigration from all corners of the globe have continually enriched and strengthened the diverse tapestry of our nation, making it more vibrant.

This is like somebody writing a parody of multicultural buzzwords.

So our diverse tapestry has been strengthened by making it more vibrant? What does even mean?

These immigrants, refugees, and asylees have helped us become an industrial innovator, a leader on the world stage, and an inspiration of global culture and the arts.

And they’ve made the spouting of our gibberish so much more vibrant.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump does not share this vision. He began his presidential campaign arguing that Mexicans are racists and drug dealers

It’s awesome how Snopes has time to fact check satire sites but not Democrats.

Our country is at a crossroads. Hoosiers, and all Americans, must make a choice: Will we quietly allow the divisive practices of this administration that close our doors to new Americans? Or will we demand inclusive policies that affirm our nation’s legacy of freedom, opportunity, and diversity?

Somebody ask Calypso Louie. I think Louie just wants a separatist state ruled over by his Fruits of Islam. Maybe he’ll make Andre his PM.

Once again the intolerant left shows us who the real racist are.

Maybe that’s why President Trump wanted to buy Greenland so FARRAHCOON, BLM and the BLACK PANTHERS could establish their Black Nation ruledalong with Anfre Carson and the Congressional Negro Caucus.

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President Trump never said ALL Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers, he said some are good people also.

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Come on dude, if you keep it subtle, you have deniability, but like this…:man_shrugging:

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I’m not afraid to call him that. He hides behind being black and a Muslim to sow his seeds of hate and divisiveness with protection from the press.
I would gladly help pay for a far off island for him and his followers to live onas long as he doesn’t broadcast his hate speech over the air.
We could have a telethon like PBS and hosted by him and the KKK to raise the money needed along with a Go Fund Me account.

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