Dem confirms jail, disbarment, huge fines on the table for Trump officials

These idiots will never give up and admit there was no collusion and no obstruction. They are frantically slinging threats at the Trump administration in an attempt to force them to testify before Congress in sequential episodes of their fictional soap opera designed to smear Republicans ad infinitum from now until November 2020…some EIGHTEEN MONTHS from now.

I am hoping that the IG Report and Barr’s investigations of the origin of this mess and the spying that occurred will result in criminal charges, disbarment and jail time for the main actors in the Democrat Party…including the idiot Adam Schiff. (He should be required to produce the “evidence” he habitually told the American people that he had on collusion or be prosecuted for slander and libel.)

“They are clearly abusing their power.”

The Democrats don’t care. As long as they keep “convincing” the American people, this crap will obviously continue.
I call this “political pornography”.

They have no trouble at all convincing about 47% of the people. If you pay attention to polling numbers (whether you agree with them or not), it’s not puzzling that something around 47% appears to be the going number for people that vote against something that Trump does or supports, no matter what the question is.

The Dems want to keep these people fired up and promulgating the smear of all things Trump. Anything they can do to make President Trump, any Trump family member, any Trump Cabinet member, and Trump supporter and any Trump policy look bad…they will do.

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If they are not jailed, disbarred then there is no incentive to for any politician to do the same no matter what side of the aisle they sit on.

If they can get away with this, why not push the envelope a little further next time, right?

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