Delta Fined for Precautionary removal of Muslim Passengers

US fines Delta $50,000 for booting off 3 Muslim passengers.
After hearing Muslim Passengers recite prayers and gesticulating with their hands, Delta Airlines security removed three Muslim Passengers from a Delta flight as a precaution. Now Delta has to fork out cash to appease the religion of peace. I guess next Delta will provide carpets to pray on.

Everyone needs " sensitivity training " today except for minorities. We should demand they also attend because most of them are insensitive to everyone else. We constantly have to kiss the ass of all the fcking minorities. These Towelheads and Sheetheads conduct could be considered suspicious. Yes I know security cleared them, but things could change once on the plane. I guess the airlines have to serve them Halal meals !!!

If Delta airlines keeps removing them and keeps getting fined I’ll gladly pay the increase in ticket prices.

Yes, and if that happens Delta will find themselves quickly out of business…which would be an appropriate penalty for this type of bigoted profiling.

If Delta wants to deny them the ability to use their aircraft then that should be their right as a private company. Aren’t you guys all about private companies being able to kick people off of things? Why the sudden change in tune?

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They only advocate for that when conservatives are the ones who are targeted.

Delta is a publicly traded company.Listed as DAL.