DELIBERATE DESTABILIZATION: DHS and ICE Flooding the United States with Illegal Aliens


HELL BENT ON DESTROYING AMERICA, the Department of Homeland ‘Security’ (DHS) has released about 9,000 illegal invaders into the interior of the United States over the last eight days, federal data confirms this treason.

Catch and release totals obtained by Breitbart News confirm that between May 6 through May 13, roughly 9,000 border crossers and illegal aliens were released into a variety of American communities by DHS. This indicates that at least 1,100 illegal invaders have been released into the country every day in the past week.

Today, there are anywhere between 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living across the country — the majority of which are concentrated in states like California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois. And they breed like rabbits.

HELL BENT ON DESTROYING AMERICA, the Trump regime is looking to hire a private contractor that will be responsible for transporting approximately 225,000 illegals, gangbangers and terrorists to rob and kill citizens across the country over the next five years as they wait for their asylum claims to be processed.

ICE is seeking services of a highly Anti-American contractor that “fully embraces the philosophy” of treating this country like a dumping ground or landfill!

The treasonous and unproductive company will be hired with US TAXPAYER MONEY to transport approximately 60,000 illegals PER YEAR. Thats right, they are now openly destroying our borders and ignoring America’s immigration laws. Nothing more than high treason!

The intent for treason is five-fold, to destabilize and destroy America by the following:

  1. Allowing Foreign Murderers, Thugs, Gangs Into America:

  2. Allowing Foreign Infiltrators Into The Nation, Including Russia and China:

  3. Allowing Foreign Troops To Invade And Hold Us Hostage:

  4. To Import Terrorists And Drug Cartels Into America:

  5. To Import Disease Into America:

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I have a much better idea. And its a common sense idea. Instead of hiring a contractor to transport unwanted illegals and criminals into the country…… how about hiring a contractor to PROTECT the border instead? Like Blackwater?

The sheer ignorance and treason is unprecedented and THIS is why America is currently a falling country.

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Pure BS. DHS and ICE have no choice but to release them due to federal court orders.

Running around the internet spreading lies only shows your own desperation.

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I voted for Trump but it looks like Obama is still in charge of the policies. Ridiculous.

This is absolutely sickening. Our country is being destroyed. We don’t need people like Trump says. There are so many Americans out of work and even more will be out of work as robotics / AI ramps up. We need more of our citizens having children but too many are too deep into student loan debts to support a family after our government nationalized the student loan program. Fucking idiots and freaks are running insane asylum policies. We need to do the very opposite. Protect the borders and use some of that tax money to incentivize birth rates in the US. Perhaps, like Russia currently does, we should be giving tax cuts to families of 4 kids or more? That would be a better solution. Maybe we can bust up the student loan racket, and it is a massive racket when you look at all the debt for BS fraudulent degrees that get you nowhere. RICO the fraudsters and racketeers and use that wealth to pay off the student loans, and promote trade schools instead.


Trump doesn’t have to abide by nonsense laws that aren’t working. Trump has every right to declare an emergency and start cutting executive orders. What are the judges going to do to him? Get off their benches and tell him to stop it? The judges can’t physically stop him and they can’t physically stop law enforcement from carrying out executive orders. It’s time for Trump to shit or get off the pot.

Yeah the student loan shit is outta control. What makes it worse is when all these American kids graduate and get kicked in the dick with debt…these companies just hire H1-B streetshitters and tell Americans to fuck off.

That type of thinking is why we are in the mess we are in.

That’s a load of crap. If he followed your advice he’d immediately be impeached, removed from office and prosecuted.

That type of thinking is called reality. The executive branch must adhere to the laws that are on the books and comply with federal court rulings.

Unemployment is at it’s lowest in over fifty years.

No. I don’t think so. If a law is causing people harm or hurting the country then by definition it isn’t enforceable.

Don’t act like presidents haven’t ignored the courts before. Andrew Jackson told the Supreme Court to fuck off and nothing happened. FDR flipped off the courts too. Nothing happened. So did Clinton and Obama. There is precedent.

You don’t even understand how unemployment numbers work.

That’s complete bullshit.

The executive branch is bound by Court Order and Statute just like anyone else.

I’ve understood them probably since long before you were even born.

Clinton and Obama were forced to comply with the orders of the courts.

So you’re saying that president’s in the past haven’t ignored the courts?

When they tried to do so they were forced to comply.

Right…because when Obama directed the CIA to assassinate Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen in Yemen who had not been convicted of a crime…that was completely kosher and in keeping with the law :ok_hand:

He was an enemy combatant on foreign soil.

That action was never taken before the courts to be ruled on.