Degenerate UK: #FreeTheBulge

Customer services assistant Imogen Loxley, 27, had been running errands on Tuesday, April 30, when she saw a teenage trans girl being harassed for wearing a skirt with a ‘visible bulge’. After making sure the girl got her bus safely, Imogen went home and knew she couldn’t let the issue slide.

The following day, she took matters into her own hands and posted an image online to show that trans women are ‘beautiful’ and ‘valid’ women.”

“I said I would post it, so here it is! Yesterday I witnessed a young trans* girl being publicly shamed and ridiculed for having a visible bulge in her skirt, so I said that I was going to publicly post a photo of me with my visible bulge just to prove a fucking point, that whether you’re tucked or #untucked - you’re still a woman!

Trans* women are held to a higher standard than cis women, and society as a whole makes us feel like we have to constantly try and prove to them, STRANGERS, that we are “real women”. We try our best to look as passable as we can, just so we can fit in amongst the cis society that don’t even see us as equal human beings regardless of our physical appearance. We don’t need to try and fit in when we were ALL born to stand out and live an authentic and happy life! We are who we are, we love who we are and we were born this way! Being transgender is NOT a choice!

Even if you don’t like or know a person, you should at least respect that they are also a human being doing everything they can to live a good and happy life… and just so you know, unless you’re a trans* woman or a #dragqueen, you have NO idea how hard, uncomfortable and painful it is to tuck.


Well - you aren’t a real woman if you have to tuck your cock and balls whenever you are out in public.

So if he posts pic of his tits is that not porn since he is technically a guy and it is permissible for guys to go shirtless? Also - does anyone have any pics of his tits? Just curious.

Here you go, from family friendly Instagram. Not even categorized as NSFW or in any way a violation of Instagram community standards. :ok_hand: I’m new no ban please.


That is so stupid. So traps can post their tiddies and their pre-op dicks for all to see, but if someone posts a picture of someone who is fully clothed and on the right then…it’s just too much for the community and the ban hammer drops.

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Does that dude even have nipples? There should have been some outline of a nip based upon where the arm placement is. I think this sick bastard is British. If people over there can’t even get basic medical care how is this lunatic performing all of this elective surgery?

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Don’t scroll down too far in his Instagram.

This is hilarious. I had to Google what cis meant. Apologies for being so ignorant. :joy:

We used to lock up people like that in mental asylums and give them lobotomies. What happened?

What if you’ve had them turned inside out and stuffed upwards? That’s what they do.

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This really is what bugs me about social media. The double standards are crazy. Conservatives can’t even have a friendly discussion with one another without getting banned. Then deranged mental cases like this one get to post half naked pictures of themselves…or fully clothed pictures of themselves showcasing their package. It’s disgusting.

Facebook allows this type of degenerate trans content but just banned a Breast Cancer Awareness charity for violating community standards for showing actual women, with actual breasts, which were covered.