Degas Painting Censored!

Incredibly Museums in Amsterdam are now censoring Degas nude paintings not to offend the religion of peace. Unbelievable that such historical paintings which have positive social meanings are no off limits to the world!

I’m sure that this museum would have no problem displaying a crucifix submerged in a vat of month old piss and declaring it to be art and of interest to the public.


Just let them take over and just burn all culture…Who needs Degas?

But it is okay to have sex with the corpse of your dead wife as long as you wash her first.

These people? I am starting to think their religion is centered around their dicks.

I hate to be that crude but the truth is the truth.

Maybe a throwback to some Shiva Linga religion.

This is the problem. Are you ethnically European? Because if you are you are saying that they should just take over and burn our culture. If you aren’t ethically European, I will gladly advocate for the destruction of your culture…and my side is young enough and pissed off enough to ultimately see that it happens.

“The role of museums is changing,” official tells TV program “Buitenhof” on Feb. 9. “They are increasingly seen as part of the culture and society around them.”

This is more to do with the symptoms of post modernistic thought more than anything! For example in Sweden, as was covered here in a separate thread recently, destroying and distancing from a cultural past history such as the “ Vikings “ is a perfect example of revisionist history! Orwell warned of this but nobody listened! It was the contributions cultural theorists and French Philosophers that is mostly responsible for destroying Western societies as we know it today! Art is part of that censorship to define narratives what is acceptable and what isn’t. That is current discourse which can be define as “The Post Modern Condition!”

I am English/Irish/Scottish/Norwegian

Not sure what you are saying My comment was just sarcasm about destroying art and culture. The idea of destroying any art and culture is repugnant to me…

Burning great art or books would be a vengeful and vicious thing only done by crazed fanatics, no matter who.

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The sad thing is you are absolutely correct…and the visitors to the museum would all point and laugh at such a sight too. My how far we have all fallen.

All western countries have got a cultural death wish. They must have, if they’re prepared to surrender their cultures so readily.

Albeit 2 years ago, a related story, not the derailing of the current thread? :roll_eyes:

“Gallery removes naked nymphs painting to ‘prompt conversation’, It is a painting that shows pubescent, naked nymphs tempting a handsome young man to his doom, but is it an erotic Victorian fantasy too far, and one which, in the current climate, is unsuitable and offensive to modern audiences?”

In other words, delete ‘offensive to modern audiences’ and insert ‘offensive to Muslim audiences’ . . . like Muslims would be queueing around the block to get into galleries which are showing Western art ffs?? The western world really does have a cultural death wish.