Deficit still headed in the wrong direction

I thought these numbers were very troubling:

If the economy takes a big slide back over the next few months things are going to get really ugly.


No worries, as long as the unemployment is “below 8%” everything will be fine.

Just imagine what it will look like if the liberals win in 2020 ! Medicare for ALL , guaranteed income , even for those who REFUSE to work , green deal , reparations , illegal invasion , 8% unemployment and a chicken in every pot , entitlements upon entitlements .

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I am really suspicious of Business Insider now. How is the deficit the fault of President Trump’s tax reform? That makes absolutely no sense.

Bush put us in the hole with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama made that hole deeper than any President in history with his failed Obamacare. In 2 years, Trump managed to turn the economy around and the deficit gets blamed on him? Nonsense.

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Please don’t say that. They want to destroy this country all so they can be sitting at the top of the heap when it all comes crashing down.

The article makes the following point:

“The deficit is growing as the GOP tax law slows revenue intake and the bipartisan budget deal drives up spending.”

In other words, the tax cuts reduced the amount of revenue the government takes in and then couple that with an increase in spending. The fact is that neither party has any desire to deal with this issue.

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I do agree with you that neither party wants to address this issue. I’m just tired of the federal government calling our tax dollars “revenue” - it was never designed to be revenue. If the government slowly bled to death as a result of a lack of revenue, no one would miss it.

Calling taxpayers’ money “revenue” implies the government is earning it rather than stealing it.

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as long as the US Dollars remains the world reserve currency nothing else matters.

The deficit is growing and will be growing no matter who is in the oval office, Republicans spends less than Democrats , but this group of Republicans are really democrats RINOs

I assume there will come a point that the deficit will have to be addressed? How long can we keep having trillion dollar deficits every year? That being said I do agree that from an economic standpoint the US is head and shoulders above every other country. So even if other countries don’t like us we are in sense too big to fail.

You assume correctly Eagle-Keeper, the problem is no one is willing to address it, because addressing it means cutting certain programs and if you think the political division is bad now, waiting until a ruling party cuts programs that affects people who voted for the other party.

Eg, If a Democrat president cuts the military spending, the right wingers, RINO, republicans, libertarians will go berserk and who knows what they will do

If a republican president cuts certain social spending, pork barrel spending ,bailout , subsidizes you etc, you have those affected groups rioting.

six of one half dozen of another

I honestly thought Trump would be that guy that is needed to at least address it, start the ball rolling, cleaning up the house so to speak and he hasnt done that yet, then again most presidents dont to their thing until they are re elected for a second term

Most when they get in during their first time they are feeling their way around, and during their second year gearing up for re election so they try and do things that are considered safe until they are re elected and them boom.

How does employment look like in your state “?

Well let’s just revisit a issue regarding entitlement spending, shall we? Remember the sequester agreement that Obama and the Democrats agreed to way back? Well that issue is going to come back on every Democrat and Republican when September starts rolling around and Trump is going to remind them about no funding for the wall! We are now in April and we should start to see movement on indictments of a few people soon. So brace yourself for the distractions and a lot of gnashing of teeth as the deficit issue starts to come into plain focus! Get your popcorn because a bumpy ride is ahead!

Right now we’re down at 3.2%, but we made a bonehead move last midterm and voted in an increase in minimum wage so we’ll see how the numbers hold up.

Dam that minimum wage! Where one cause leads to another to change, and guess who loses?

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The largest percentages of government spending goes to people who by and large are not wealthy - 50% of government spending goes to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare. The fact is that without changing those programs it’s highly unlikely we will be able to substantially reduce the deficit. But if any candidate were to propose that they are dooming their campaign. It’s much more palatable to say we need to raise taxes on the wealthy.

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exactly Eagle-Keeper exactly
couldnt have said that any better