Defense Intelligence Agency Employee Arrested Leaking Classified Information to NBC Reporter

It’s people like this that gets my ire up, who would betray their country in order to get a piece of a**! He did it for nookie! Both of these traitors need to be made an example of and face death by firing squad!

Pic of the two traitors!


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I hope that leftist poontang was worth it bro.

Good! It’s about time they start locking these leakers up. This guy was a straight up socialist. how the hell did he end up getting a top secret security clearance and working for an intelligence agency? This just goes to show how broken the security clearance process is in the United States.

Well yeah!!! We let a buffoon from New York City who shits on gold toilet seats and never bought a loaf of bread from a “food market” have access to ALL state secrets…:rofl:

Do you have anything relevant to say about the topic?

So because you don’t like who won an election, America should be put at risk by those in government who leak classified information. Damn man - did you work directly for Hillary Clinton or what?

Trump, the buffoon that you DO like, has leaked classified information, is the point. And that you excuse or deny…:man_shrugging:

Lay off the sauce! You are babbling incoherently! This asshat is from the Obola era, Trump has nothing to do with this asshat!

People have been getting locked up for this type of thing all along, what do you mean?

Well - that’s completely untrue. POTUS has the authority to declassify anything he wants. Try again.

What ever happened to Hillary when she left classified documents in the back of a car? How about that private email server with classified info?

With the latest fiasco of the
Hustler whistle blower, this is just the beginning of arrests in the intelligence community!

It wasn’t declassified…:man_shrugging:

Being purposely obtuse doesn’t help you here spanky!

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Context matters. What “classified” materials did the President of the United States “leak” according to you?

Molly Hemingway makes a good point!

Nothing according to me, what do you mean??? :man_shrugging:

Ha ha ha! Monte Crusty jumps the shark by quoting Wikipedia! Epic failure! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well at least we know Monte’s clown show is alive and well!

This is a prime example why no one here takes you seriously! And you wonder why you get ridiculed here? Ha ha ha!

Thanks needed the laughter today! :rofl:

No, one of Trumps campaign promises that I actually looked forward to was her being locked up. But of course that’s not going to happen.

He doesn’t need to!:rofl: