Defeating Censorship in Russia and elsewhere

If we think we’ve got it bad, the Russians have censorship tens times worse than ours.

To help them ( and others in authoritarian countries ) get access to the internet, go here:

If you’re technical – say, running a version of Linux – you can become a ‘bridge’.

But everyone running Firefox or Chrome can download a ‘Snowflake’ add-on for their browser which makes your computer a ‘relay point’ to fool the censors. It takes a minute, and costs nothing.

I wouldn’t draw any conclusions about the Ukrainian nation based on the actions of their corrupt puppet government, English language media, and the current warmongering propaganda.

Russia censoring the media isn’t the issue. It’s the solution.

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I am personally boycotting Ukraine

for being gay

  • They lied to you about Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • They lied to you about 9/11
  • They lied to you about the Vegas shooting
  • They lied to you about Covid-19 beginning in China’s wet markets
  • They lied to you about the vaccines being safe and effective
  • They lied to you about the election being secure and fraud free
  • They lied to you about Biden’s mental health
  • They lied to you about what’s in every bill they passed in Congress
  • They lied to you about inflation and claimed it was temporary
  • They lied to you about their Congressional “investigations” that never went anywhere…
  • They lied to you when they told you they cared about the “little guy”

Why would you believe anything they say about Russia and Ukraine?


This is great!


If you want a vision of the future, imagine a fat American cowboy twerking on the face of humanity to the tune of a fried chicken song, forever.


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Yeah Doug, let’s help get western propaganda into Russia….:thinking:

Hmmmm, someone that gets it……

Exactly. But what are people saying to you that you’re talking to in your daily life….
For me, it’s deja vu, 2003 all over again when I opposed the US invasion of Iraq in real time. The same people that now acknowledge the folly of that war are once again accusing me of being anti American and pro Russian…

So here we go again……

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Censorship in Russia?

Who is banning RT in all of the languages they had?
(English, Russian, German, French, Spanish… what else?)

RT (Russia Today) app I had on Google also disappeared.
Who is afraid of truth?

BTW, Youtube banned Russian TV stations.

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It’s not a matter of being
pro-American vs anti-American or
pro-Russian vs anti-Russian.

It’s a matter of
Humanity vs Khazarian mafia (aka Synagogue of Satan, Revelation 2:9)

Yet most do for some reason……


Of course the media lie about Ukraine. But that’s no reason to give a pass to the gangster regime ruling in Russia.

The Russian regime needs to be replaced by a democratic one, that can bring Russia into the European community of nations, where it belongs.

But that’s a job of the Russian people, who have shown they know how to make revolutions. American interference will only hurt their cause.

As for the Ukrainians, at some point they will realize how they have been used by the Americans … pushed into the Bear’s cave and encouraged to give him a good poking with a stick … while we wait outside and cheer.

They could have had all of ‘their’ territory, or complete independence from Russia, but not both. The lightminded neo-cons, and now their liberal allies, are responsible for what has happened … Russia’s reaction to bringing Ukraine into NATO was predicted by some very smart people long ago. One of them was our ambassador to Moscow who now heads the CIA.