Decoding COVID-19

Likely to be a good educational program Decoding COVID-19 started on NOVA .

9:00PM Eastern

PBS is on the Deep State team.
You take it with a grain of salt.

It wasn’t an impressive production…at all. Merely repeated what was already known.

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I liked to watch NOVA and thought it was a good program. But it was a long time ago.

Yeah, I thought the same thing

Suddenly, a virus with a mortality rate similar to that of seasonal flus, that’s less of a threat than medical malpractice, has become an intolerable risk that justifies unlimited harm inflicted on almost everyone.

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Don’t worry guys. The people who love the ADL and all their kill-whites bullshit are gonna get your so-called “corona vaccine” done asap.

The same media that pushes tranny kids, muh russia conspiracy theories, race war now stories and lies constantly about basic truths and human nature is totally telling the truth about how chinese bat AIDS will never go away and that we need to shelter for the next 2 years lol

If the CDC lied about the regular flu death rate, who’s to say they aren’t lying about wuflu deaths?

This is the problem with maintaining a massive Lie Machine to hide gross incompetence or corruption. No one trusts nobody no time nor no hows. And they wouldn’t be wrong. Only the fool trusts a system which scoffs at the idea of accountability.

Why should anyone even take the CDC any serious than WHO? I wouldn’t take them for everything they tell us. If anything, it should be taken with a grain of salt.


If you wonder why a cheap, established drug is shunned by the experts in favor of new drugs and vaccines, just look at who stands to profit from the new drugs and vaccines…it’s always the experts.

Dr Fauci is a corrupt asshole. His main interest is to stuff his own pockets with money.

CDC has been testing microorganisms at Atlanta airport for a long time. It’s a closed space throughout the year, and names of people who leave and arrive, as well as transit passengers, are known, which makes tracking very easy.)

It was pointed out by Eustace Mullins, but doesn’t the name of the institution “disease control” strike you funny?