Debunking that idiotic "Blue States Subsidize Red States" lie

Yes, it is a lie. Here are the facts, from RELIABLE sources.

Behind the Misleading Statement That Blue States Subsidize Red States

As for blue states allegedly getting back less, what numbers are they looking at? It is true that red states receive 35.75 percent on average of their budgets from the federal government, while blue states receive 30.80 percent. But this is because the blue states’ budgets are far larger due to all the bloat and waste. The 10 states in the best fiscal condition are almost all red states. The 10 states with the worst numbers in the red are almost all blue states.

The higher the taxes, the more mismanaged a state is. CNBC examined the infrastructure of every state — roads, airports, water systems and ports — and found that the places with the worst-rated infrastructure are six Democratic states, which also rank among the highest in taxes collected per resident: Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York

Bottom line, Blue state budgets are much higher (and are mostly in deficit) than their intake of Sosha Curity and Medicare. (Yeah, I know. I even made a case that the original administrators of Sosha Curity argued before the Supreme Court that it was a welfare program.)

Red states with smaller balanced budgets likely have similar or maybe older populations of Sosha Curity recipients, so the PERCENTAGE of government welfare money is usually higher. Government welfare in Florida is a higher percentage to our state budget.

Bottom line, the “blue states subsidize the red states” statement is a lie.

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