Debate excuses!

New day new excuse:

A bad cold

In the initial moments of Thursday’s debate, shortly after the 81-year old Biden claimed to a baffled audience that “we finally beat Medicare,” aides said the president was suffering from a cold.

To much prep

What a bad decision to send him out looking sick and exhausted.
It is my belief that he was over-coached, over-practiced. And I believe [senior aide] Anita Dunn… put him in a venue that was conducive for Trump and not for him,” said John Morgan, a Florida-based attorney and major Biden fundraiser.

Blame it on the travel

President was in France, Italy and Los Angeles ahead of the debate

Biden went to France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day in early June, then to Italy for the G7 meeting on June 12. The president followed that up with a Los Angeles fundraiser on He returned to Washington on June 16, or 11 days before the debate. He and his team holed up at Camp David for prep for nearly a week prior to the event with Trump in Atlanta.
11 days rest not enough.

Biden suggests he might limit evening events to get more sleep

“From 10am to 4pm, Biden is dependably engaged — and many of his public events in front of cameras are held within those hours.” Beyond that timeframe, aides told Axios that Biden is more likely to “have verbal miscues and become fatigued.”

And tomorrow it will be???

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Those are not excuses but reality.

Biden claimed that the New York Times had me down 10 points before the debate, nine now, or whatever the hell it is.
The Times’ post-debate poll, conducted with Siena College showed Biden doing three points worse against Trump than he had done in the Times/Siena poll before the debate. Biden’s specific numbers were also wrong. He was not “down 10 points before the debate” in Times/Siena polling. In fact, he was down three percentage points with likely voters and six percentage points with registered voters. In the Times/Siena poll after the debate, those margins grew to six percentage points with likely voters and nine percentage points with registered voters.

Biden repeated his familiar claim that Trump “is a guy who told us to put bleach in our arms to deal with Covid.”
Trump made his remarks, at a press briefing in April 2020 after Bill Bryan, the acting undersecretary of science and technology for the Department of Homeland Security, outlined tests in which he said sunlight or disinfectants like bleach and isopropyl alcohol quickly killed the coronavirus on surfaces and in saliva.

Biden repeated another one of his regular campaign claims about his Republican opponent, saying Trump was the only president other than Herbert Hoover “who lost more jobs than he created.”
While there was a loss of about 2.7 million jobs from the beginning of Trump’s four-year term to the end, there was a gain of about 6.7 million jobs until the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country about three years into that term. The jobs were not lost as people were sitting at home and returned to work after the governors allowed the economy to again function.
The reality is the labor participation rat was 63.3 participation rate at the beginning of the political induced pandemic and still has not returned to that level, 62.6% today.

Yet not 1 media out let has called Biden the liar he is.

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And the reality:

Biden won’t take a cognitive test and release it to voters

Biden said that “no one said I had to” have cognitive and neurological exams, telling Stephanopoulos that “I get a full neurological test every day” – referring to the demands of his job.

When asked whether he’s had cognitive tests and an exam by a neurologist, Biden said no.

“No one said I had to.”

In an analysis published Friday, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta – a practicing neurosurgeon urged Biden to undergo thorough cognitive and neurological testing and to share his results.

Gupta wrote that it was concerning to watch Biden’s performance at the debate. Detailed testing “can help determine whether there is a simpler explanation for the symptoms displayed or if there is something more concerning,” he said.

Yet the American people have yet to demand Biden take the test and settle the issue. On would think he would jump at the opportunity and end the issue.

And it goes on:
Asked during his interview whether he would step down if he became convinced he could not beat Trump, Biden said he would only do so “if the Lord Almighty comes down” and tells him to.

“If the Lord Almighty came down and said, ‘Joe, get out of the race,’ I’d get out of the race,” Biden said.

“The Lord Almighty’s not coming down,” added Biden, who is a devout Catholic.

Devout Catholic who doesn’t attend mass or remotely approach a faithful position on the church’s teaching that prenatal human beings are full members of the human family and deserve equal moral and legal consideration. No on calls him out.

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