Death of US dollars?

I actually don’t know much about financial wheeling and dealing, but let the US government print money and take away that right from the Fed.

That will be a good start. The Fed, as you might know, is owned by private banksters and national (US) interests are secondary to them.

Needless to say, two Presidents died for wanting to do that. Lincoln and JFK.

The Federal Reserve doesn’t print money, the US Treasury does.

Who cares where printing machines are housed

You made the claim so apparently you do in spite of the fact you haven’t got a damned clue what you’re talking about.

I actually don’t know much about financial wheeling and dealing, but let the US government print money and take away that right from the Fed.

“many people say the Fed prints money. But that doesn’t mean the Fed has a printing press that cranks out dollars.”

" The Fed Decides How Much Money Is Created

The Fed decides how much money gets made. That’s true for both credit and paper currency."

The purpose of the Fed is to control the money supply so as to regulate and moderate economic up’s and down’s.

The do not print money, they lend money to banks and buy/sell/trade bonds.

“Printing” does not mean physically printing paper money.
What part of it don’t you understand?

The Fed not only controls the money supply, but it arbitrarily raises and lowers interest rates.
Who has given them the right to do that? The same old banksters.

They control the money supply precisely by adjusting rates. If the economy overheats they raise rates which tightens the money supply. If the economy slows, they lower rates which increases the money supply.

Again you demonstrate you don’t have even a basic understanding of the subject matter.

Wrong. The print more (or less) money and/or issue more (or less) credit.

Who determines whether or not economy is overheated? The same old banksters.

It is accomplished by printing less money.

More BS.

When interest rates rise, it tightens the money supply because borrowers are less inclined to invest borrowed money. Lending criteria also become more stringent because it becomes more difficult for borrowers to repay their loans.

When interest rates fall, more people are willing to take risks with borrowed money.

The Federal Reserve board makes those decisions based on current economic trends and models.

The Fed has two tools to mess with the economy.
The amount of money it prints and the raising and lowering interest rates.
These are apples and oranges.

Oh bullshit, read your own damned cited article.

The article was by the Fed employees.
They ain’t gonna tell you everything about it.

Actual printing of paper money is done elsewhere by somebody else and that’s all we need to know, given your constant obfuscation

The author of the article.

Kimberly Amadeo has 20 years senior-level corporate experience in economic analysis and business strategy. She received an M.S. in Management from the Sloan School of Business at M.I.T.Kimberly is the U.S. Economy expert for The Balance, and has been writing for Dotdash/ since 2006. She covers economic and business news, and explains how the economy affects you.

In other words you posted an article without reading it and when you find it doesn’t support your BS claims you want to distance yourself from it. Then you want to hint at yet another completely unsupportable conspiracy of Fed Employees who supposedly wrote the article.

If you look at the top of just about any article the Author’s name appears, if not it should appear at the bottom and in this case it came with a link.

Not only are you delusional you aren’t very bright.

Laura J. Hopper

Laura Hopper is the St. Louis Fed’s employee ambassador coordinator. She works in Public Affairs.

So what? She didn’t write the article.

Does the Federal Reserve Print Money?

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

By Laura Hopper, Public Affairs Staff

The author of the Balance article is not a fed employee. I’ve already provided you her name and bio.


Updated May 29, 2019

I’m not talking about that article.
Like I said, it doesn’t matter whose machines print the paper money.

And once again if that were true why did you cite the article and then claim it couldn’t be trusted because it was written by Fed employees?