Deadly Violence Erupts on Brazil Border in Venezuela Aid Showdown

Multiple people are confirmed dead - on early reporting.

This is an escalation after Brazil and the USA assembled a military task force to deliver “humanitarian aid” to Guaído’s forces, which forced Venezuela to send tanks and close the border yesterday.


Venezuela is doubling down - they just deployed their S300 surface to air missile systems at locations near the Brazilian border. When do you guys think Commander-in-Chief John Bolton is going to give the order to invade?–-Venezuela-Posiciona-Misseis-S-300-na-Fronteira-com-o-Brasil/

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Such brave troops to be facing down starving, unarmed people…

I strongly I suggest everyone take a look at the videos below. Before we go rushing into believing every single word that we are hearing about Venezuela, let’s remember that it was our government and the media who told us that we had to go to war in Iraq due to weapons of mass destruction that were never there.


This is the USA. We need to be in a constant state of war with someone over something - over real or completely fabricated grievances that may or may not impact the national security of the United States and the safety of American citizens. What would companies like Boeing, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin do if we didn’t? They wouldn’t have enough money to pay off our politicians. Ain’t democracy grand?

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The question is who can buy all this stuff? And of course, only RT will post this crap, Putler doesn’t want Maduro regime to fall.

On the bright side, we’ll get a new war and a regime change right at the start of the weekend. Saturday morning is usually low for ratings across the networks.

To those who aren’t paying attention and putting the pieces together - we always do regime changes on Saturdays for the ratings.

Shock and Awe officially kicked off on March 22, 2003 - a Saturday.

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Promises made, promises kept.

Let them fail. Let the borders be blocked.

This is not the problem of the USA. We keep putting band-aids on mortal wounds. Let the Venezuelans stand on their own two feet, reject socialism and create a system they can live with.


John Bolton was considered a dangerous nut in the Bush era and he is still one in the Trump administration. HE NEEDS TO GO.

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The military industrial complex at work… again.

Hey…RT is good. But if there is a need fir propaganda, RT will deliver propaganda and lies as well as the new york times.

Call me a cold war dinosaur but id rather get my info from anywhere before a media outlet funded by the Kremlin.

Brazil can handle Venezuela.