De Blasio: If Trump does not act on coronavirus outbreak, 'people will die'

NYC mayor Democrat Rick Deblasio can’t manage the Chinese virus crisis so he blames President Trump.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had a grim prognosis for his city during the Corona virus outbreak and claimed Sunday that if President Trump does not do something soon, it will cost people their lives.

Roughly a third of call cases in the U.S. are in New York City, resulting in much of the city being shut down, with all nonessential workers being told to stay home. The mayor told NBC’s "[Meet the Press]

Yep, the former candidate for the Democrat Presidential nomination is crying for the President he condemned as unfit for office to save his city using taxes collected elsewhere of course. :flushed:

Showing his calm leadership skills Deblasio proclaimed it a matter of life and death. Not for his administration but for Trump.

The president of the United States is from New York City and he will not lift a finger to help his hometown,” he said. “I don’t get it.”

De Blasio said he asked for the military to be sent out and for Trump to use the Defense Production Act to be used to acquire ventilators for patients suffering from the illness.

“If the president doesn’t act, people will die who could have lived otherwise," de Blasio said.

It’s a typical Democrat response, instead of taking action to solve the problem shift blame to the Republicans. :roll_eyes:


Why doesn’t a city like that have enough revenue to support its self!? Ohhh welfare? If you bought votes that’s your problem

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NY Governor Cumo held a press conference this morning where he begged for Federal aid claiming his state was unable to afford even the 25% of the cost for disaster relief specified by Federal law.

NY and California are both bedrock Democrat states. Both are welfare states begging the Federal government to rescue them from their own failure.


…and we in the ‘fly over’ states will end up paying for the liberal giveaways.

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On our way to a 30T national debt. Like Sarah Palin said, please don’t tell DC what comes after trillion.

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It’s a spending problem for sure! Both California and NY spend more than they take in. California alone make up for 35% of all entitlement spending now add in relief disaster spending and it spells insolvency in no time. Most democratically run states were heading in that direction and now they are on the fast track to that end. Eventually you run out of other people’s money!

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Failing to control spending is their problem not the taxpayers. Both states have unreasonably high taxes and taxpayers receive little more than a sore ass paying it. How much more welfare from U.S. taxpayers do they need. Gov.Homo can get on his knees and ask Doomberg for a loan.

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That’s what being a sanctuary State is all about , screw the taxpayers ,put their safety at risk, get those votes . No federal money for sanctuary cities and States thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!

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What irks me is these NY and California Democrats claiming they are the embodiment of a new improved Progressive state that ought to be a model for the Federal government then attacking President Trump for their own impotence. You’d think these Democrats would have the sense to at least reallocate part of their budgets to fight the Chinese virus crisis instead of accusing the President of negligence if he doesn’t accede to their demands. :roll_eyes:

“The current panic is refocusing us on what is important. We now stockpile the things necessary for our health. Smartphones, fancy televisions, and restaurant meals are usually luxuries rather than necessities. Living within our means is not just rhetoric. It is a means of guarding ourselves during times like these. We have so much to learn from those who came before us. How many of our grandparents fared the austerity of the World Wars and the Great Depression, discovering to save, mend, and repair?”

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It reminds me of this guy. He was right about a lot things especially how we think about solving problems. Just watch what he says in the first 10 minutes. The rest was his lofty vision that many categorised as socialism and that maybe true, but sure did appreciate the way he advocated about problem solving and finding solutions because we have reached a point that politics and politicians are virtually useless.

If De Blasio can go into a lab and discover an antidote, go to it.It isn’t that easy and takes time.How much can President Trump do???Administratively what can be done??? He isn’t sitting on his ass and doing nothing.
We have become a nation of dependents instead of independents looking to DC to solve our problems and provide for every need. Whatever happened to the local community to help in times of need and families bonding to help on times of crisis???

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Well the Gov didn’t care about the safety of those who live there legally . Keep re-electing morons with stupid agendas .

I haven’t seen any requirement to prove legal residence to receive benefits from the Corona virus relief fund. Illegal aliens deserve your tax dollars. :grimacing:

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Really ? What those bastards deserve is a F-ing boot out of OUR Country . $350,000,000 FOR TURD WORLD SCUM , FIRST GRADE DROPOUTS . Where the hell is money for the homeless veterans , wounded Warriors , Fucking demonrats only care about scum lawbreaking TURDS ! :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

I heard on a Youtube vid last night that the wars in the middle east cost you $7trillion (yes, really!) and the ongoing war in Afghanistan is costing (can’t recall the exact figures) $billions.

Because they are proud to "welcome everyone to NY " so says gov. HOMO of NY ! And these morons wonder why they lead the Country in cases and deaths , my God what fucking morons !!!

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Gotta love it when Cumo stages one of his blame and beg sessions using cases with thousands of masks as a backdrop. Medical supplies are in critically short supply that’s why I am using them as props.

What’s great about De Blasio demanding that Trump do something is that when Trump proposed a federal quarantine they bitched and said it was probably illegal. Ok assholes, what would you like him to do then?